Is Troy Among The Most Redneck Cities In Missouri?

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Do You Agree With This Ranking of The Most Redneck Cities In Missouri?


The Most Redneck Cities In Missouri
The Most Redneck Cities In Missouri

Rural Missouri pride was on full display yesterday when a video produced by hit the interwebs that claimed to rank The 10 Most Redneck Cities In Missouri.

HomeSnacks bills itself as a “real estate infotainment” site. You can lump it into the same class as Movoto. Sites like these put out somewhat ridiculous lists that are ripe for social media sharing. For instance, Movoto recently listed Chesterfield as the best St. Louis suburb to live in. It’s possible that piece led to Thrillist declaring the floodplain full of outlets stores and chain restaurants one of the best suburbs in America. The Riverfront Times then, of course, gave Thrillst the “WTF” treatment over their choice.

Anyways, these things are supposed to be fun. They aren’t scientific or even based on any real facts. The creator purports to measure things like hunting, fishing, Walmart locations, places to get drunk, racial makeup of citizens, high school graduation rates and more.

Here is the full list of The Top 10 Redneck Cities in Missouri, according to this video.

10 – Doniphan

9 – Hannibal

8 – Lebanon

7 – Potosi

6 – Chillicothe

5 – Farmington

4 – Poplar Bluff

3 – Warrenton

2 – Troy

1- Branson

The Ten Most Redneck Cities In Missouri


This writer happens to hail from Troy, MO so a few things immediately jumped out about the video.  The video gets the July Lincoln County Fair correct, but a Red Solo Cup?  No way. The finest Troy residents stack up their plastic Fair cups proudly while walking around the fair. Their cabinets at home are filled with those cups and they are used as their fine china. There also ain’t no Waffle House in Troy. LAME.

If they wanted to talk about food they should have talked about getting a Monty Burger from a trailer in a parking lot then washing your hands outside the Porta Potty. That burger is life-changing if you can get your hands on one. In a town oddly devoid of anything like an Applebee’s or a Red Lobster, Monty’s is some of the best cooking in town and Monty might as well be the mayor of the town.

Also, the blurb about #1 Branson, Missouri has a glaring inaccuracy. There isn’t a Lambert’s Cafe in Branson. The nearest location is 30 minutes away in Ozark.

HomeSnacks has been on quite the Redneck kick as of late. They’ve made basically the same video for Mississippi, Minnesota, Maryland, Louisiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Kansas and others. View counts for the HomeSnacks Redneck videos range from Florida’s paltry 2,445 to California’s 176,000. The videos share footage and graphics and charts, among other things.  Each video even features the same “sponsor”, Miiiiike’s Barbecue, which doesn’t appear to be real.

Watch the video for its comedic value, but make sure you don’t take it for any more than that. Also, the Lincoln County Fair takes place July 11-16 this year in Troy, Missouri. Granger Smith, and Chris Janson are the headline entertainment with the popular Demolition Derby taking place on Friday night.

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