Monday Update: Kroenke Building LA Stadium

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Kroenke Building NFL Stadium in LA, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Stuart Scott and more in The Monday Roundup from RealLifeSTL

January 5, 2015

Kroenke Building NFL Stadium in LA, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Stuart Scott and more in The Monday Roundup from RealLifeSTL


Rams Owner Stan Kroenke Building LA Stadium

St. Louis Rams owner E. Stanley Kroenke is partnering with Stockbridge Capital Group to build an 80,000-seat NFL stadium and 6,000-seat performance venue in Inglewood, California, per the Los Angeles Times. It’s the latest development in the Rams-To-Los Angeles saga that has Kroenke playing with the emotions of St. Louis NFL fans, players and employees of the team. The Rams, who played in LA from 1946-1994, could move back there as soon as the 2016 season. Jeff Gordon of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch writes today that while there are several things that could happen with this, many will see it as Rams-to-LA being a sure thing. Joe Strauss of the Post-Dispatch was on The Ryan Kelley Morning After radio show on CBSSports 920 AM this morning discussing the situation. He doesn’t think St. Louis could match this proposal.

In other St. Louis Rams news that might delight some fans, Brian Schottenheimer’s name has come up as a possible candidate for the University of Georgia’s offensive coordinator position.

**Update** In a press conference held at the proposed Inglewood site, Chris Meany, a Vice President with the project, avoided mentioning any specific teams as tenants of the proposed stadium. He pointed out on several occasions that owning the Rams is just one of many businesses that Kroenke is part of. Korenke’s company, The Kroenke Group, is one of the leading firms in the country for these types of developments. Meany received the Spirit of Life award from the City of Hope’s Northern California Real Estate and Construction Council in 2014.

ESPN’s Stuart Scott Dies At 49

Stuart Scott, an ESPN anchor for over 20 years, passed away over the weekend after battling cancer. Scott was 49. Hannah Storm was given the difficult task of announcing the passing on ESPN. He influenced a whole generation of sports fans who grew up watching SportsCenter. Tributes were staged across the sports world and many athletes and fans shared their thoughts on Twitter. Rolling Stone‘s Daniel Kreps wrote a great piece about Scott’s career and what he meant to so many.

Scott was awarded the Jimmy V Award for Perserverance at the 2014 ESPYS and gave this moving speech.


Jimmy Dickens, Mario Cuomo and Donna Douglas Also Pass Away

Little Jimmy Dickens, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo and Donna Douglas were other celebrities that have passed away since the calendar turned to 2015. Mario Cuomo passed away while the current Governor of New York, his son Andrew Cuomo, was giving his second inauguration speech. His family used an iPad and headphones to allow the elder Cuomo to listen to his son’s speech. Mario Cuomo, who served as the Governor of New York from 1983 until 1995, was 82. Grand Ole Opry star and Country Music Hall of Famer Little Jimmy Dickens was 94 Country star Brad Paisley called Dickens his hero in a tribute posted to the star’s Facebook page. Donna Douglas played Elly May Clampett on The Beverly Hillbillies from 1962-1971 and again in a TV movie in 1981. The actress, who was 82 when she passed, also starred with Elvis Presley in Frankie and Johnny back in 1966.

Facebook Copyright Hoax Spreads Across Facebook Again

Yesterday you may have seen some of your friends on Facebook post about privacy on the site. Copy and pasting the status update does not do anything to protect your privacy and doesn’t even make sense. The “hoax” goes back to at least 2012. It’s even been given the Snopes treatment. When using Facebook, Twitter or any other social network, you have to realize that you are posting on a network owned by someone else. Want complete privacy? Don’t use their network.

The Peanuts Movie Trailer Released

The Peanuts Movie is set to hit movie theaters across the country on November 6th of this year. Fox Family Entertainment released the first trailer for it today.


Photo Doggies for Anthony Is Why The Internet Is Awesome

When people on the internet come together to do something awesome, it really warms the heart. 16-year-old Anthony is currently receiving chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. A friend of his mother’s set up an event on Facebook to get random internet people to share photos of their dogs for Anthony and his mother to look through. The Facebook event page for Photo Doggies For Anthony says that Anthony really enjoys when dogs visit him at the hospital. There are some days dogs don’t visit the hospital and this is a way that Anthony can get that level of enjoyment at times when furry guests aren’t around. Over 500,000 pictures and videos have already been posted on the event page. According to a recent update on the page, Anthony went in to the hospital on January 2nd and is scheduled to be in the hospital for a week while he receives this round of treatment.

Proposed Oklahoma Bill Doesn’t Ban Hoodies

News outlets have picked up a story about a proposed bill in Oklahoma that they say would ban hoodies. Great Day St. Louis posted the story on their Facebook page with a baiting question saying some people think the law is racist. The proposed law wouldn’t “ban hoodies”, it would make it a crime to hide your face in public because you don’t want people to be able to pin you for the crime you are about to commit.

Hobbit Again Rules Box Office

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies won the weekend box office for the third weekend in a row. The movie, in its third weekend of release, earned $21.9 million to take first over Into The Woods ($19 million) and Unbroken ($18.4 million). The Woman In Black : Angel of Death was the top-grossing new movie with $15.1 million and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb rounded out the top five with $14.4 million in receipts.

The third film in The Hobbit franchise has now grossed $723 million worldwide with almost 70 percent of that coming from foreign markets. We’ll have more on the numbers on Thursday in our Weekend Movie Guide. We’ll also preview Taken 3 and Selma.

Two Women Robbed Around St. Louis Recently In Rear-Ending Attack

A woman was robbed of her car at gunpoint last night in South County after being rear-ended. She had gotten out of her car to exchange insurance information with the car that hit her, when a man got out of that car and pointed a gun at her. A similar crime happened recently in Kirkwood.

PlayStation Unveils All-You-Can-Game Subscription

On January 13, Sony will begin offering a PlayStation Now All-You-Can-Game subscription to PlayStation 4 owners for $19.99 a month of $44.99 for three months. The service allows PS4 owners to stream over 100 PS3 games to their console.

Google Unveils Google Cast

Google hit it big with the Chromecast for video and is now aiming to do the same with audio. The company unveiled Google Cast, which will allow users to “cast” music from their Android devices to enabled speakers. Also at the Consumer Electronics Show, Philips unveiled a speaker that can stream music from Spotify.

Dallas, Carolina, Baltimore And Indianapolis Advance in NFL Playoffs

Eight NFL teams are left to vie for a spot in Super Bowl 49 on February 1 in Phoenix. The Dallas Cowboys beat the Detroit Lions 24-20. The Indianapolis Colts beat the Cincinnati Bengals 26-10. The Baltimore Ravens beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 30-17 and the Carolina Panthers beat the Arizona Cardinals 27-16 over the weekend. Games again will be played on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. The Ravens will take on the New England Patriots in the early game on Saturday and the Carolina Panthers will play the Seahawks in Seattle in the late game. The Cowboys will play the Packers at Lambeau Field in the Sunday early game and the Colts will travel to Denver to play the Broncos to close out the weekend.

Man Recreates Popular Photos From Pop Queens

Buzzfeed has a story on this Canadian student that recreates photos by the likes of Rihanna, Beyoncé and others on his Instagram page. The results are pretty hilarious.


kanye’s love for @kimkardashian = my love for pizza #kimye

Une photo publiée par Mina Gerges (@keepingupwithmina) le

Katy Perry Plans To Diss Taylor Swift During Super Bowl Performance

A celebrity gossip site, has a story that Katy Perry is working on some sort of jab to take at Taylor Swift during Perry’s Super Bowl performance. The two singers have been in a feud for awhile now.

Jon Jones Beats Daniel Cormier At UFC 182

In the main event at UFC 182 over the weekend Jon Jonaes defeated Daniel Cormier by decision in five rounds. All of the fights on the main card were decided by decision. Cormier, a former Olympian, was understandably distraught after the loss, which was the first of his professional MMA career. Cormier was paid $90,000 for the fight. He stood to double that if he had won. Jon Jones received $500,000 for the fight, whether he won or not. Paul Felder was among those that earned $50,000 bonuses for the night. He won the last fight on the preliminary card with this “spinning-back-fist-knockout”.

Taylor Swift’s Gift Giving of 2014

It will of course be interesting to see what Perry decides to do to take a swipe at Swift. T-Swizzle seems to be winning over America these days. On New Year’s Eve, she released this video “Taylor Swift’s Gift Giving of 2014” that chronicles some of the times Taylor Swift was awesome over 2014. The time she showed up at a bridal shower with a basket full of gifts is in the video as well as clips of fans opening the presents she randomly sent them after #TayLurking on their social media pages.

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