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no pants metrolink It all began with a small prank in New York City in 2002 with a group of seven guys from Improv Everywhere who agreed to ride the subway without pants pretending not to know each other, and if asked about it, claimed they must have just forgotten their pants. Here’s the story from that first ride. And here’s the whole video with how they came about creating this prank and commentary from the first ride in 2002.

Now, 13 years later, The No Pants Subway Ride has grown into an annual event hosted by over 50 cities around the world and it gets bigger every year. In fact, in 2013, roughly 4,000 people participated in New York with over 10,000 more participating in 60 cities in over 25 countries throughout the world. It was the first year for both Shenghai and Hong Kong.

It’s quite simple really. Here are the rules:

-You board the Subway on a cold Winter day wearing your usual cold weather attire: long sleeves, jacket, hat, gloves, scarf, boots…but leave the pants at home.

no pants metrolink ride stl -You act as if nothing unusual is going on. Just board the train in your normal attire minus pants and pretend not to notice that you (or any others around you not wearing pants) are not wearing their pants. Just go about your business reading a book, talking on your cell phone, listening to your iPod, whatever. If someone asks: “Hey, why aren’t you wearing pants?” give them a laugh. “Oh my, I’m not wearing pants? No wonder I feel cold.”

So now that you know the rules, here’s the information to join in the fun here in St. Louis.  Our fantastic improv group, STL Improv Anywhere, the same group that brings us International Pillow Fight Day and Stranger Love on Valentine’s Day, has been organizing this event in STL for 5 years now. While the annual No Pants Subway Ride takes place on Sunday, January 11th for most cities, here in St. Louis we do things a little bit differently. Starting with the fact that we don’t actually have a “subway,” our ride is known as the No Pants Metrolink Ride. Also, because Sunday at noon isn’t a big metro riding time, we’re taking our pants off on Saturday evening around the start of the Blues game.

St. Louis’ 5th Annual No Pants Metrolink Ride

When: Saturday, January 10th, 2015

Cost: $2.50 per one-ride ticket or $4 if coming from Lambert Airport (Make sure you validate your tickets before getting on the train!)

Time: 5:34pm – Kayak’s Coffee – Skinker Blue Line station (or see below for train schedule)

If you can’t make it to Kayak’s, you can hop on any train at the below times and you will be on the correct No Pants train.

*BLUE Line*
Shrewsbury 5:19
Sunnen 5:22
Maplewood 5:23
Brentwood 5:25
Richmond Heights 5:27
Clayton 5:29
Forsyth 5:30
U City/Big Bend 5:32
Skinker 5:34
Forest Park 5:36
Central West End 5:39
Grand 5:42
Union Station 5:46
Civic Center 5:47
Stadium 5:49
8th & Pine 5:50

*RED* Have to switch @ Forest Park/DeBaliviere and get on the Blue Line – arrive 5:36 – sorry you have to wait.Terminal # 1 Lambert Airport 5:07
Terminal # 2 Lambert Airport 5:09
North Hanley 5:14
UMSL North 5:16
UMSL South 5:18
Rock Road 5:20
Wellston 5:22
Delmar Loop 5:24

The “after-party” is at the downtown Pi Pizzeria (610 Washington Ave). Pi will more than likely be offering drink specials although they haven’t been announced yet (oh, and you don’t have to have pants on).

If you are planning to attend, here are a couple of details for the ride:

#1. Feel free to mix it up. Board in pants and then take them off while riding the train. It sparks new conversation when the person sitting next to you asks why you’re currently dropping your drawers, instead of why you have no pants on.

#2. If you’re good with a camera, bring it along to help capture some shots to send to STL Improv Anywhere for their collection.

#3. If you’re going to be tweeting about it, use the hashtag #NPSR or #NPSRSTL

Here’s a video we put together of our experience at the 2013 NPSRSTL:

Here’s where to go to find out more information on one of the most memorable days of 2015…and it’s only January!

Facebook Event

STL Improv Anywhere Website


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