Strange Donuts vs The World Video Game Debuts

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Strange Donuts vs the world video game

Strange Donuts vs the world video game

Last night saw the debut of Strange Donuts vs The World video game in both iOS and Android. The game is developed by St. Louis’ Happy Badger Studios.

Strange Donuts is of course the wildly-successful donut shop in Maplewood with donuts called Fat Elvis and Dream Cycle among others. The shop also partners with local restaurants to create crazy treats like the recent Southwest Stranger with Southwest Diner. Happy Badger Studios is the sister studio of Rampant Interactive. It creates simple, mostly free, games for iOS and Android devices, as well as the Kindle Fire. Both are located in Maplewood as well.

It’s a classic side-scroller video game where your character is a skater skating down a St. Louis street. How do you know its a St. Louis street? You will skate past the familiar St. Louis storefronts of Pappy’s, Schlafly Bottleworks, Perennial, Sugarfire, Mai Lee, Pasteria and others in addition to Strange Donuts. While on your mission you must avoid deathtraps like open manholes, oil spills, open pizza boxes, alligators and purple cows. While skating you collect coins and donuts. Some of these you will skate into and others you will have to jump for.

As you see in the first part of the game, you are rollerblading in a “No Rollerblading” area and thus a policeman comes along occasionally to try to apprehend you. By “apprehend”, we mean your character dies. You can either jump to avoid the policeman or you can throw one of the donuts you’ve collected at him.

The game tracks how many cumulative coins you’ve collected as well as your “high score” in terms of how many feet your character make it down the street. There are other characters that you can buy with your coins. Once you hit 2,500 total coins collected, you can continue one game from where you left off.

This game is pretty addictive. My high score thus far is 1,285 feet without continuing any games. Be careful when you jump to avoid the police or collect coins/donuts. Jump too early or late and you may not be able to recover and jump again before the next obstacle comes by.

Strange Donuts vs The World may look familiar to those of us that grew up with a Nintendo Entertainment System. Here’s a short #strangevideogame gameplay video.


Strange Donuts vs The World is available as a free download from iTunes or from Google play. Word is special contests and promotions for high scores on the game are in the works.

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