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Michelle Bullock
2983 days ago.

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I’m ready for a great girls weekend getaway.

In preparing for my all girls weekend getaway with my sisters, cousins and aunts, I starting thinking about how I am not just a mom and a wife. I am also a little sister, a cousin, a niece and a friend to some pretty fabulous ladies. My cousins, aunts and I started talking about how we really need to set aside some time to be with each other and to enjoy one another as sisters and women. Most of the women in my family have great stories to tell and I am so excited that I set aside the time to get to know these women even more than I thought I had. What makes for a great back drop to this is that all nine of us will be staying at a fabulous Bed and Breakfast called The Willow House. It caters to “Girlfriend Weekend Getaways.” We will have antique shopping and winery tours within just a couple of miles. This particular bed and breakfast is in Perryville, Missouri, which makes a great “meet in the middle” spot for all the women in my family. I believe as women sometimes we need to get away. It makes us better mothers, wives and women.

In doing some research on girlfriend weekend getaways, I have noticed that more and more places cater to women getaways. Places like Pinot’s Palette offer “Girls Night Out” where you can drink wine and create a beautiful masterpiece while catching up with friends. Want to go on a road-trip or float trip with the girls or just some fun shopping and pampering yourselves? Missouri Girlfriend Getaways and Ladies Vacations caters to all of that. Women are starting to understand the importance of not just taking a break, but actually getting together with other women, i.e. friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, cousins, etc. We all can learn from one another and build one another up.

I challenge women out there to take the time out from being business women, moms, wives, etc. and get together with other awesome women in your life and enjoy some us time.


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