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Melissa DeCicco
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Footgolf 4 One of my favorite memories from high school was my first round of golf. I had never been exposed to the sport previously but I happened to start dating someone whose family owned a small 9-hole course.

I will never forget the sense of calm that consumed me the first time I stepped up to the tee box. The air was quiet and all I could see was manicured green grass and beautiful landscape. Now, enter nailing a ball and grabbing an adult beverage and you have described my perfect sport. Well, until I hit a terrible shot and nearly throw my club into the fancy water feature. All kidding aside, golf is my favorite stress relief.

Thinking back, I nearly missed the opportunity to experience golf. Today, more than ever, golf is struggling to attract young players. Some solutions have been Top Golf entertainment complexes which sound amazing but is not accessible to everyone currently (see a video here), changing the scoring system, increasing the pace of the game, and many others.

One brilliant solution – FootGolf. It is a combination of soccer and golf into one glorious new sport. Young kids/adults are obsessed with soccer these days so why not let them play a new version of their favorite game and experience a golf course at the same time? Golf can be a bit stuffy and children and inexperienced golfers are rarely welcomed on the courses so this makes the first experience a bit more positive. It also offers soccer fans a chance to play without the strenuous running and contact the sport is famous for. FootGolf originated in the Netherlands and even has official rules and World Cup tournaments. For the last 2 years, it has been sweeping the US too.

Check out how fun this looks. The amazing socks that people are sporting totally rock!

FootGolf in St. Louis

And now, FootGolf is coming to the St. Louis area. Clinton Hill golf course in Swansea Illinois was the first in the area to offer FootGolf. Clinton Hill’s said their team is very excited and happy to bring something new and fun to the golf and soccer communities.

Not only is this great for both soccer and golf, it is a great new way for families to get outdoors, exercise, and spend time together without paying for expensive equipment and worrying about their kids breaking the golf rules. Kudos to the golf world for embracing different forms of the game!

Courses in St. Louis that offer FootGolf

Clinton Hill | 3700 Old Collinsville Rd | Swansea, IL 62226

Eagle Springs | 2575 Redman Road | St. Louis, MO 63136
Phone: (314) 355-7277

Highlands Golf Course | 5163 Clayton Road | St. Louis, MO 63110     Phone: 314-531-7773

Here is the full list of FootGolf courses in the US.

What do you think about this new sport? 


Photo courtesy of FootGolf Illinois 

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