10 Things I Hate About St. Louis

Amy Kennedy
1507 days ago.

I was born and raised in the St. Louis area and after leaving for four years to go to college, I realized a few things about St. Louis that aren’t very appealing.

carp I hate the way the Cardinals are the only sports team we are known for, or even the only team we actually care about. Why can’t the Blues and Rams get more lovin’? And why don’t we have a basketball team?

I hate the way our Metrolink is supposed to be our prized public transportation system, and it only covers half of the St. Louis area. What happened to everything West of I-170?

I hate the way we don’t have a decent parks and recreation program. Is Forest Park literally the only park I can go to that is properly taken care of?

I hate the way one street divides the good part of town from the bad part of town. For example: the Delmar Loop.

I hate the way we aren’t even close to being considered a tourist attraction. When I step off the plane at Lambert Airport, I see nothing worthwhile to make me want to stay here and explore the town.

river I hate the way the only body of water that we are surrounded by is disgustingly muddy and full of pollution. What if I wanted to fish or get a boat?

I hate the way our actual city is no longer considered “the place to be” like most cities are considered in the US. Everyone eventually moves out to the suburbs.

I hate the way everyone seems to be such leisurely drivers. We live in a freakin’ city! Pick up the pace!

stl meme I hate the way we have such extreme weather conditions. One day I could be riding my bike in a t-shirt and shorts, and the next day I can’t leave my apartment because there is a foot of snow on the ground with a chill of -10°F in the air.

Finally, to quote one of my favorite movies: “But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you — Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.”

Despite all the things St. Louis doesn’t have going for it, there are many things it does have going for it. The way the people here are very loyal, such as the Cardinals fans. The way we may not always be pleasing to the eye, but we have been continually trying to improve our roads and living conditions. The way we have an astounding number of great places to eat; it’s rather difficult to choose a favorite. And while we may be a small city, we are powerful in nature (pun intended).

quote Growing up in St. Louis has taught me many things. It has taught me to be friendly and not judge a book by its cover. It has taught me that even during times of indifference, to keep pushing on. It has taught me to live outside my comfort zone and that you never know what each day may bring you. Also, it has taught me to be grateful for everything I already have.

If there is any advice I would give to my fellow St. Louisans, it would be this: Never Settle for Average.


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Amy Kennedy

Amy has become a new lover of rollerblading. She hopes it will soon be the fad in St. Louis and that she will be credited for starting it. She can’t wait for the Rams to make a comeback and she always looks forward to donut Fridays. Amy has seen every episode of Friends and owns the entire 10 season series. She also wants to one day become a cheese connoisseur.

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14 thoughts on “10 Things I Hate About St. Louis”

  1. The Blues get no love because they haven’t ever won a damn thing and hockey is for hoosiers. The Rams get no love because the stadium sucks and for the most part the St. Louis version of the Rams have been perennial losers (the Warner years being the exception obviously.) Totally agree about the lack of basketball team, I would love to see it.

    As for Metrolink, most of the suburbs west of 170 simply don’t want it.

    Regarding parks, if you check out this site: http://www.stlouiscitytalk.com/ you’ll see that there are many great well maintained parks in the city. I live right by Francis Park and it is always spectacular and looking great.

    1. How about a few other reasons why I do not like St. Louis….
      1. No progress. The city looks the same today as it did 30 years ago.
      2. Too much emphasis on those hated Cardinals.
      3. Joe Buck…enough said.
      4. Still praising the fact that the 1904 Worlds Fair was there. No joke…It’s in their convention and visitors literature.
      5. Biggest and most proud invention…Iced Tea…at of course the 1904 Worlds Fair.
      6. They think having one of the top 5 zoo’s in the country is a good thing…Of course, I hate what Zoo’s represent and think looking at a caged animal is cruel and kind of stupid. I may be in the minority, but I don’t care.
      7. The neighborhoods that border their faux downtown area look like a bombed out Post World War II Europe.
      8. It’s a racist and segregated…with emphasis on “gated” It’s metro area consists of Blacks and other non whites living in one section of the area, and whites live in the rest.
      9. Rude, rude, opinionated people who think Rush Limbaugh is a serious thought leader.
      10. They have a form of xenophobia that is unlike any I have ever seen at the local level. They fear everything that is out of their comfort zone and do not accept outsiders at all…and that is why they never progress forward in anything. It is a sad, sad city and I would normally feel sorry for them, but they will never admit they are wrong at anything they do, so they deserve all the bad press they get.

      1. AMEN…well stated and absolutely correct.
        I have had to live in STL 2 times.
        The last time, I tried living in University City, thinking that would be more progressive and diverse.
        For 2 months I walked my well behaved dog by the same lady every morning.
        I spoke gingerly every morning a simple, “Good Morning”, “Nice Day”…nothing more. I was met every day w. a STONE FACE and no reply. About 2 months into this routine, this lady, stopped in front of me and asked “Do I know you?
        …to which I grinned eagerly and put forth my hand toward her to shake her hand and introduce myself, while saying, “No, I…”…oops…’she interrupted me as soon as I said no, and stated STONE FACED, …”Then don’t ever speak to me again!”…Sadly, this is the St. Louis Entitled Approach to life.

  2. Totally agree with the river. It’s disgusting. In many cities, there are parts of the water that are bad, but also parts that you can swim in. Why is ours so gross all around? I don’t agree with Andy on the sports. I love hockey and the Blues and 1. I’m not a hoosier. 2. They’ve been playing really well the past few years. A city should support it’s team, even if they don’t always win (example: Chicago fans are die-hard about all of their teams, even though they all suck). Clearly, we St. Louisans are a finicky bunch.

  3. Misery – STL has a unique culture. One that is trapped inside itself and will likely never be appealing when compared to other places in the country – especially by the born and raised – the left and came back. The one overarching thing it has going for it is super nice people. I have lived in a number of cities across the country and frequented many others and STL ranks near the top when it comes to genuinely nice people. The quality of life beyond that is blah – at best.

  4. I feel ya on a lot of these points… except the parks comment. DUDE if you think the only park we have that’s kept up nicely is Forest Park, you need to get out more. I actually prefer Tower Grove and Carondelet to FP. Don’t forget Francis, Lindenwood, Benton, Lafayette, even county parks like JB. We’ve actually got a killer parks dept. in my opinion. The City Talk link Andy provided will help you discover a new favorite!

    Oh, and most of those parks allow recreational fishing. And lucky for us, we live close to a lot of great MO lakes for boating. I recommend Tablerock near Branson or Clearwater near Piedmont, personally. 🙂

  5. The Mississippi will always be muddy because of the Missouri River that dumps into it. The Missouri is an alluvial (muddy)river and has been that way since the last ice age.

    The last time I drove in St.Louis I was driving slightly above the speed limit. Cars and trucks of all kinds were honking at me for driving too slow. BTW it was after rush hour.

  6. If you are not aware of the backwards thinking infrastructure, the city can fool you. Its racist any everyone knows there place. I can say its cheap on the wallet, they ask u what high school u went too which is another sign of small town mentality. They protend to be genuine. But they want to know your business to pass there small minded judgements….

  7. Now, on the other hand, great buildings, nice skylines, good solid schools if you can afford them. Food scene getting better, it’s taken some time, need better transit system and a reason for people to visit…

  8. If we can ever get passed the whole ideology of being whoville this town could compete and people would want to come more frequently….. Maybe we need some new money instead of the old money or someone from the outside with vision.

  9. The “Extreme” weather comment is quite funny Lol. I’m from MI & have lived here for a year now. I do NOT like St. Louis. There is a lot places to go. Things to do, but I HATE big city life. Hate metro areas. I’ve gotten comments from some ppl that St. Louis isn’t that big, but for someone like me it is. From a small town & lived in the country side my whole life. 3.5 acres of land, basketball court, a small motorcycle track in the back yard, a pool, etc. I miss the peace & quiet. I miss havin barely little to no traffic. I miss nature. The traffic here is so insane to me! The way the roads are set up are really confusing @ times. Ppl here (Not all) drive crazy! It’s noisey here. Really depresses me to walk outta my apartment & all I see is ppl, buildings & traffic. I do understand why ppl like it here I guess. Not gonna say it’s all bad. Every place has their pros & cons. It’s just not any place I can get used to living in. And everytime I have stated that to someone here they get SO defensive. I don’t get it. I’m not bashing STL. Just simply stating my opinion. Not saying for everyone but most ppl here have WAY to much pride in this place. Nothing wrong with having pride on where your from but no need to catch an attitude because some else’s views are different from yours.

  10. What I hate about…St. Louis! The few miles of Lindbergh Blvd. From Manslaughter Road(Manchester Road) To Big Bend Blvd. is Kirkwood Road! Please put the name Lindbergh Blvd. back! From the 50’s – 80’s the Headquarters of the Missouri Highway Dept. was in Kirkwood. The city asked if they could change that short stretched to…Kirkwood Road! The highway dept. is…Gone! Please put the name…Back! Visitors get lost…where did..Lindbergh Blvd. Go!!

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