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If you’ve lived in St. Louis for at least a year, then you’ve probably heard about this run. It began in 2012 and just exploded (no pun intended). It is known as the “Happiest 5K on the Planet” and I agree 100%. When it came to St. Louis last year in August, I was lucky to have the opportunity to participate. My friends at The Laurel Apartments created a team. As a non-runner…ok non-exerciser, I really generally don’t get excited about these running events that come through St. Louis, but for some reason this just looked too good to pass up. So I joined the team and my wonderful friend Jessica promised not to leave me in the color dust if I started to lag behind.

The Color Run finish It was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done, well, besides sky diving. I have done a couple of other runs in St. Louis – the Challenge Nation Scavenger Race and most recently the Komen Race For The Cure…I walked. While both were great fun, there is really nothing that compares to The Color Run. We arrived a little late and were more towards the tail end of the line, so we had to wait awhile to start. Once we started, it was a slow jog to the first color station (because that’s about all you’re gonna get form this girl). We knew we were coming to a color station because instead of seeing clear blue sky ahead, it was a hazy pink, purple, blue, or yellow. Once we got there, it was unreal. colr run explosion I couldn’t actually see in front of me; we were literally submerged in a cloud of color. Once through we could open our mouths and breathe normally again. And then the fun truly begins. It’s like you get through and you’re looking at each other with pink streaks through your hair, across your cheek, down your leg and you’re like: It’s On! I actually wanted to run to get to the next color. (Keep in mind you certainly don’t have to; many people take their time and walk as well). Running is fun to a certain extent because it creates more sweat, which the color clings to much better. I encourage you to join no matter who you are or what level of exercise you’re comfortable with; you won’t regret the experience.

laurel color run

Here are some of my tips for race day:

  • This is not about the run. Don’t join if you’re just looking to run fast and get a good time. You have to go through color stations where there is often a lull while everyone is getting splashed with color.
  • Make sure to take the time to stop at each color station to get color bombed (make sure to keep your mouth and eyes closed).
  • Either get there early or prepare to stand around for awhile. They throw out free t-shirts, sunglasses, color packets, etc to the people close to the start line, so it’s good to be in the front.
  • There are professional photographers around each color station. Feel free to slow down and scope them out to get some additional photos.
  • Bring your cell phone. I promise you’ll want to capture the awesomeness. But make sure to wrap it in a ziplock plastic bag. I was actually able to take pics while keeping it in the bag.
  • Bring as little as possible and anything that you don’t want to get color, keep in a plastic bag. Trust me, the color will get Everywhere.
  • color run2 Wear as much white as possible. You’ll receive a white t-shirt and headband with race packet, but the more white you wear, the more fun.
  • Wear sunglasses, or some sort of eye protection so you can enjoy all the colors without damaging your eyes.
  • Save the extra color packet you get at the race until the end. There is an after party with live music and huge group color tosses that is so much fun. (You will get plenty of color during the race so it’s ok to save it until the end).
  • Stay for the “after party”. There are contests, beverages, and live music and it’s a really fun experience. I was so hot and tired during the race that I was just ready to go home, but after joining the post-race crowd, I found new energy and had a blast.
  • Take advantage of the color blowers after the race. You’ll thank them if you have to get in your car to drive home afterwards.
  • Dress up and have fun with it. Knee high white socks look awesome decorated in rainbow powder, as well as tutus.

There happens to be a Living Social deal going on for the next 4 days for a reduced entry fee of $40, which includes your shirt, head band, and color pack.

the color run The Color Run

Coming to St. Louis

September 15, 2013


Downtown (Market & 15th)

I’m thinking of volunteering this year to help give STL some color. Get ready for the color craziness at the Happiest 5K on the Planet!


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