Twinkies Make a Triumphant Return

Melissa DeCicco
3375 days ago.

Twinkies We all remember the day in May of 2012 when news broke that Hostess declared bankruptcy. Even if you have never actually indulged in one of their delicious snack cakes, you can’t deny their importance to the average American. I am guessing you still felt a little saddened that an American staple would no longer line the grocer shelves. Many certainly did when Twinkies starting selling like hotcakes on Ebay for much higher than retail price shortly after the announcement.

I have always loved Twinkies.  I have had candles in Twinkies for birthdays and always had a stash in college for those long study sessions. I remember on special days in elementary school I would have a Twinkie in my sack lunch for school from my mom. It was the highlight of my week. Many of my friends would get ding dongs on a regular basis and I was always jealous, but my true loyalty has always been with that golden sponge cake with glorious filling. So it is only fitting that they will make their comeback on my birthday this year, July 15, 2013. It’s time for America to celebrate!


Here are some interesting potential changes for Twinkie to get you through until Monday.

1. They will have a longer shelf life, increased to 45 days from 26.

2. They will be available in more retail outlets.

3. They are rumored to be richer tasting.

4. Social media and marketing will be beefed up to include a hostess food-truck tour.

5. They are exploring healthier forms like gluten-free and lower calories.


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Here is our Cakeface!

What is your favorite Twinkie memory?


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Sources: WSJ & CNN

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