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breast milk lollipop Back in 2001 my wife and I trekked through Venezuela while on our honeymoon. We spent time roaming all over the country from the Los llanos to the mysterious Tupuis and from the amazing Andes Mountains to the sparkling beaches of Los Roques. We even had the opportunity to fly over Angel Falls. You might remember it from the movie Up. In all we spent a month immersing ourselves in as much as we could. From getting a glimpse of the Pink River dolphins and catching piranha in the Amazon River to para-sailing off the side of a cliff and scuba diving; we absolutely went for it.

We did play tourist from time to time to include visiting Coromoto. Coromoto is an ice cream shop that once held the Guinness Book’s world record for most ice cream flavors. It’s menu includes: vanilla, trout, chocolate, onion, strawberry, hot dog and mushrooms in wine – just to name a few. In all there were some 900 flavors in stock when we visited. Which strangely leads me to today’s topic – Breast Milk Lollipops.

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

The makers of the famed lollipop, lollyphile, felt the need to pump out this flavored treat after a number of their female friends starting having babies. Is it me or does that register under the ‘just because you can doesn’t mean you should’ saying? Or, I am suddenly becoming a little old-fashioned? In all fairness, I will admit my internal ‘try anything once’ voice kicked in when I heard the story about breast milk lollipops on the way home from work one afternoon. Not sure that I would actually follow through with it but I did think about it for a second.

What about you?

Would you try one? Are you afflicted with the ‘try anything once’ bug?

We are thinking about picking up a few of these questionably delectable treats for a few of you to try. We would invite you down to the Real Life STL studio to tape the momentous event. And you can enjoy the spotlight at your next party – you will be ‘that guy’ or ‘that gal’ that gave taste to the breast milk lollipop.

Let us know if you’re game in the comment section below…


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Photo courtesy of Lollyphile

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