Free Coffee With Aubrey

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Free Coffee With Aubrey
Coffee With Aubrey at Shaw’s

If you’re into the St. Louis start-up scene, specifically Techli, you may have already heard of Aubrey Bates. And if you have heard of her but you haven’t had coffee with her yet, then shame on you.

If you haven’t heard of her, I have a fun little project for you:

Free Coffee With Aubrey

Aubrey Bates is a graduate from Webster University who currently works for Clear Channel Media, which runs radio stations like Z107.7, Majic100.3, some random others…and 93.7 The Bull, home of The Bobby Bones Show!

Aubrey has created a brilliant social experiment called Free Coffee With Aubrey, in essence, to become a better marketer/networker. She wants to meet new people (and not just random people on the street) through non-traditional marketing methods. She created a website and started asking people to meet her at a coffee shop of their choice to get to know them. She buys their coffee, they give her 15 minutes of their time (or longer if the conversation leads to things like meeting Bobby Bones) and the only thing they are asked is to spread the word; find her someone else (St. Louis business owner, media expert, marketing associate, etc) that she can share a coffee with.

coffee bar
Shaw’s on the Hill: our coffee shop joint

Much like the project ideas you hear about in Techli or on Kickstarter, Aubrey has come up with an innovative way to market herself. I love the idea and I applaud Aubrey for her creative thinking as well as her willingness to invest a lot of her free time into meeting all of these people…and buy them coffee. I am interested to find out where this experiment takes Aubrey in her career. I hope she is able to achieve her goal to have coffee with 300 people in 6 months. And I believe that through these meetings she will have the opportunity to build significant relationships which help her expand on this experiment; ultimately creating something really cool and unique for St. Louis and the marketing world.

I encourage everyone to flood her e-mail with coffee meeting requests so she can meet her personal goal and also because she’s very fun to talk to and because she met Bobby Bones.


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