Do The Hustle!

Mary Korte
3882 days ago.

No folks, we are not dancing today in this blog, but we are hustling! Not the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but the wonderful and sometimes elusive thing called “the side hustle.” If you are not familiar with the term, let me elaborate.

My dear friend introduced me to the concept of “the side hustle” many years ago. You see, in my family, there was no room for a side hustle. My father was a farmer, already an 18 hour a day job. My mom was a teacher and raised 3 kids. Hustle enough on both their parts. But my friend Robert grew up with “the side hustle” as a way of life. Along with your normal job that paid the rent and gave you insurance, you had to find a way to make that little extra money. Maybe it paid for the family vacation or the kids’ back to school clothes. Maybe it was the difference between the o.k. house or the nice house. Regardless, everyone had one and your marketing plan for the side hustle always started with the phrase “yeah, I know a guy…”

In today’s economy, many of us have had to find a good side hustle. Some people have bought into network marketing opportunities. Others have taken the skills from their day job and expanded it into the evening. Some people have the great benefit of the side hustle being a way to start their dream job or own company slowly.

What kind of side hustle have you done in your life? Do you currently have a side hustle? Now is the time to give your own business a shout out and get the word out. Let me know by leaving your comments. Who knows, maybe we can help you grow the side hustle into the main gig!

Always the entrepreneur….


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