When Has Technology Gone Too Far?

Melissa DeCicco
3904 days ago.

Technology When cars drive themselves?

When we talk to Siri more than real people?

When Watson wins Jeopardy or becomes  your new doctor?

When computers become self-aware?

Can it go too far?

I remember in seventh grade we wrote down what we thought would be happening in the year 2000. I haven’t seen the flying cars yet, but many of the other things on that naive grade school list are happening now, albeit  more than a decade behind schedule. We should have known…George Jetson worked by himself with just robots. I am guessing his former co-workers were replaced with machines (I do envy one hour a day – 2 days a week work schedule though).

I am a huge fan of technology. I may not say that in 20 years when all the younger people are more adept than I, but for now, a fan. It has made all of our lives easier, maybe better, in some way. It has changed everything.

It never crossed my mind as being scary, frightening or threatening . And I am not sure it is now, at least not yet. While watching 60 Minutes last night, I realized it becomes more frightening when it starts to affect people and their livelihood. Technology is becoming a staggering part of the American workforce. I know you are going to say that people need to adapt and find a place to fit in the ‘new’ economy. I get that, but we are in a very trying economic time and it makes me question the benefits. Most facets of the economy are on the rebound – corporate profits, the housing market, stock market, etc. The one that seems to be lagging behind is employment of actual people.

The introvert in me is a bit excited at less interaction but the extrovert in me dies a little inside. I am not sure what will happen next. I guess that is up to Apple and Google. I just hope that like old fashion trends, people come back in style too.

What is the next step for our workforce?

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