Bagel Head Beauty

Mike Brewer
4155 days ago.
Bagel Head

What will they think of next? The Bagel Head Beauty Trend gives a whole new Bagel Head Beauty. Japan. meaning to – Starving….for attention. Body Art Modification is what they are calling it in Japan. Here in America we might call it headed to the farm.

Defining Your Generation

I wonder what you tell your grand kids when you are reflecting on your teenage  shenanigans? When I was your age I had my forehead injected with breast implant like solution, waited for it to set up and had a doughnut hole like impression put in the middle of it. It rocked! Check out my Facebook Timeline 400 likes, 300 comments. Boom! Check that! —- Now go do your homework….

What Shape Are You?

Let’s suppose for a second that you could customize this forehead phenomena – what shape would you go for? I’m thinking – go big or go home – middle finger in your face sort of stuff. I mean if your going for like and comment love – you need to really put it out there.

What about you – what would you do? But remember – we are a PG rated publication…not that implying is off-limits.

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