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I am amazed by the staff at . Part of me thinks I could put up awesome stuff like them if I got paid just to blog, but the realistic side of me realizes that the great idea side of me sucks at carrying out said great ideas.

Here are just a few of the many nuggets that I have come across on Cracked.

Have you seen these 14 photographs of celebrities that don’t exactly fit their image?

Bet you see these people in a different light. It gets better.

Here are seven movies that are supposedly based on a true story, but they took a few liberties with the script.

It’s still Hollywood, don’t go see these movies and get your hopes up or down.

I have always maintained that most television executives are completely clueless. This list proves it.

According to this list, actors and actresses have clueless moments too.

If those weren’t enough, here’s more awesomeness:

Johnny Cash broke the Soviet’s codes for the military

He was apparently pretty good at it, but didn’t really like the job. He left the military and became the man in black. Funny thing is, this is part of a whole list of famous musicians who were successful at something before music.

Diplomatic Immunity lets you do insane things.

You can steal things, drive recklessly, rack up parking tickets and so much more.

There are convicted serial killers walking among us.

Talk about some legal loopholes. Here is a whole list of people that have done some heinous things but somehow aren’t in jail or dead.

It is possible for a judge to order a person to never reproduce and to make it happen.

The U.S. Supreme Court has apparently made some insane decisions in the past.

President Andrew Jackson was completely off his rocker.

The seventh President of the United States liked to duel. By duel, I do mean two people shooting at each other. He also apparently liked to beat people with his cane. He is number five on this list of badass American Presidents.

Amelia Earhart’s body was very likely found.

Several other famous “unsolved mysteries” have also likely been solved. I guess leaving them as unsolved makes for better story-telling.

Here’s five people who had huge parts in world-changing events, yet you more than likely have never heard of them.

Seriously, your life is better for reading that, right? You could have just wasted more time with the Kardashians or watching Honey Boo-Boo, but instead you learned something. The internet is finally good for something more than seeing how amazing life is for your annoying Facebook friends or hearing how totally in love they are after two weeks.

Check out It will make you smarter. You will end up getting enthralled in it and lose track of time. Beware.

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