Weekend Getaway: Innsbrook

Mike Brewer
4016 days ago.

Getaway is a word I have grown to both love and hate. I hate it when I read all the Facebook updates from my single friends or friends who have no children. I love it when Stephanie and I actually get the chance to take a couple of days off to relax. We had just that kind of chance recently and elected to make our way to Innsbrook. It rests just 55 miles away from St. Louis proper – just the right distance for a keen evening of fun.

Birthday Awesomeness

One of the driving reasons for going to Innsbrook was to see Javier Mendoza – a spanish/english singer. I have to say – he rocked! And, if you get a chance – go see him. Next show is this Friday night at Picasso’s Coffee Shop in St. Charles.

Rewind just a bit – I decided that I would cook dinner before the show. Roasted Black Sea Bass with Tomato and Olive Salad. I wanted something easy, speedy and light before the evening’s festivities.

Now I love to cook but I am also one of those guys that likes to make it up on the fly. I have no patience for trying to comprehend the meaning of a dash of this, a dose of that, a teaspoon of this and a tablespoon of that. So many instructions to follow – makes my head hurt. So – I skim.

Fast forward to the punch line: I nearly caught the kitchen of our condo on fire. Now I know that heating cooking oil to the point it lets off a bit of smoke requires that you heat the oil from room temp to scalding hot slowly. Not heat the pan to a zillion degrees and then pour the oil in. That equals giant alarming flames that bring forth thoughts of oh man this sucks followed by where is the baking soda when you need it. Oh – yes, the smoke detector detected the massively thick cloud that bellowed about. Yes – there was a nice thick black coat of smoke residue all over the stove and the vent hood. Yes – I was “that guy!”

Hey – just making memories! At least we will never forget it.

What To Do 

We only caught a bit of what Innsbrook had to offer with the condo and the outdoor concert but we Innsbrook chess were pleased enough to want to go back. Be it for water related activities on one of the 100 lakes, a pick-up softball game, a game of outdoor chess, horseback riding or golf. It really does have everything to offer in the way of a fun getaway. And, being just an hour away from Saint Louis makes it a bonus. It’s a #gameon in my book.

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