Interview with St. Louis Singer/Songwriter Lydia Vaughan

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This story began with a weekly meeting in which our marketing team was discussing how we could better serve St. Louis through our writing. Over several meetings we discussed the idea of beginning a new series that would showcase local St. Louis talents: artists, singers, talents of all kinds who haven’t quite made it to Bieber, Van Gogh, or Brad Pitt status but are destined for something spectacular.

And so the search began. Who would we interview first?

Well it just so happened that a family friend of one of our team members, local St. Louis singer/songwriter Lydia Vaughan had just released her first single as a solo artist and was coming out with her first music video debut. After listening to her new single ‘Speechless’ just one time, we were hooked! So we called her up, sat her down, and began our first interview with the fun loving, talented, gorgeous, genuine and all together spectacular: Lydia Vaughan.

Here she is giving us some insider info on her musical inspirations, her relationship status and other fun details as well as her brand new, just came out yesterday, Speechless music video:

The music video is in the interview, but in case you can’t wait to watch it, here it is by itself:

As if it wasn’t obvious from the interview, Lydia is a super chill, down to earth, fun girl. She has an amazing voice and Speechless is the first of many songs that we will be rockin’ out to in our cars, showers and karaoke bars. Move over Carly Rae, Lydia Vaughan has arrived!

Here are some extra insider photos capturing Lydia in all of her fun loving, goofiness:

You can check out and purchase Lydia’s new single Speechless, her new music video and her collaborations with The Victory Lap (her collaboration on If I Had It My Way is breathtaking) on Amazon  as well. You can also follow Lydia on Facebook to keep up with new single release dates and concert dates as well as on Twitter to get tons more photos (she loves Instagram).


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