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I was originally introduced to Fifty Shades of Grey when my boyfriend asked me if I knew anything about it. He had just watched an episode of Dr. Drew, where he and 3 women discussed their differing points of view on it. You can watch it here:

At that time, the way my boyfriend described it (from what Dr. Drew was saying) made me think it was some book that was vulgar and very sexist and not at all my cup of tea.

Then it went from a group of girls gushing about it at a friend’s dinner party to a good friend of mine, who I believe to have similar reading tastes, asking me if I had read it and telling me; “You have to read it! I couldn’t put it down. I read it for like 11 hours straight! In fact, I’d rather be reading it right now than having you guys over” (some of that may be over exaggerated). But honestly she was so passionate about how absolutely amazing the book was and how it was a true love story (in a way that made me think of Titanic and The Notebook) that I was hooked.

So I bought the book. It was only $9.99 on my NOOK, although it is a trilogy so times that by 3. (and a side note-did you know you can check out books from the St. Louis Public Library from home online for free?) and while I’m typically not into the Danielle Steele, Nora Roberts type romance novels, preferring Jennifer Weiner type “romance” instead, I couldn’t put it down. I literally read it as if there would be no tomorrow.

I had watched the Dr. Drew video where one of the women was claiming that the book was poorly written. Well, when millions of women will sit their kids in front of the t.v. with candy for hours so as not to be bothered, will stay in on a Saturday night or will stay up until 3am when they have to wake up at 7:30am the next morning (I’m referring to myself on that one) just to continue reading this book, I cannot agree that it is poorly written.

It is not porn. It is not sloppily written with no plot and crude language. It is erotic. Maybe too erotic for some, although I consider myself conservative and I still found it tasteful. In fact, the erotic scenes are worded tastefully enough that you almost forget that what you’re reading is considered provocative and generally not accepted in the real world and instead become engrossed in this fantasy situation, so much so that I can’t see how someone could not agree that it is well written. It is well written and it is a true love story. If you got teary eyed even a tiny bit over The Notebook, you will cry your eyes out (in a good way!)

I recently read an article which mentioned they are planning on turning it into a movie (shocking right?). If I’m going to be negative about anything, I have to say that after I finished the trilogy, I told myself they couldn’t possibly find anyone gorgeous and passionate and real enough to become the on-screen realities that are Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele and they wouldn’t dare think of trying. But alas it seems I may have been wrong. And while I truly believe that there isn’t an actor out there who could do Christian justice, nor a set who could do the relationship in the book justice, they will still make a movie and likely destroy the book’s sincerity and integrity just as they did with Yes Man.

So I encourage you women of the world (and men) to read the book. Don’t rely on the movie to get the story. And if you do see the movie and hate it, don’t use it as an excuse to say you knew the book sucked, because the movie will ultimately not do it the justice it deserves, especially when they’re considering Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for the roles. Read it and you’ll understand.

Oh, and for those who have read the entire trilogy. In your heart of hearts, do you really believe that any actor will be able to transform himself into the man that is Christian Grey in the book? If so, who and why?


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