Pillow Fight in Forest Park!!

3011 days ago.

Apparently Saturday, April 7th has been dubbed the 2012 International Pillow Fight Day. Quoting from their website “On Saturday, April 7th there will be massive pillow fights in cities around the world!”

Ok, seriously! Can you think of anything cooler?? I’m sorry my punctuation marks are getting excessive, but this is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.

STL Improv Anywhere has put together the pillow fight for St. Louis. It will be at Cricket Field in Forest Park at 6pm on Saturday. It only goes for an hour so don’t be late. It’s open to everyone, all ages.

Of course, with an event as unique as this, there must be rules established, and I think they are very reasonable:

  1. No excessive violence. This is a playful, fun in St. Louis event. (don’t be mean)
  2. Soft pillows only-No zippers, snaps, buttons, etc (just take the pillow case off or go buy a cheap pillow case)
  3. Do not swing at anyone without a pillow or anyone with a camera
  4. Remove glasses (they state no one is liable for any damages to you or your belongings other than you)
  5. No Feathers….(yeah right)
  6. Don’t leave your pillows behind
  7. Be cool
  8. I’m adding this one-Don’t bring your pets-that should just be common sense

In addition to the rules, here are a couple helpful tips I came up with after watching the video:

  • Wear goggles or something to protect your face
  • If you are allergic to feathers, DO NOT ATTEND!
  • Do not try the makeshift pillow ball-and-chain swinging style…it doesn’t seem to work
  • Stay near small children, it seems you’re less likely to get hurt
  • Dress like a crazy person! (they say bunny costumes and capes are encouraged)
  • If you have a short temper or violent nature, this may not be the event for you
If you are interested in attending but want to know what the turn out will be in advance, they created a Facebook groupso you can check out who’s attending, how many are invited, share it and invite your friends, etc. I checked yesterday and there were about 600 invites, 60 people attending, 40 maybes.Check out the video of the 2011 NYC Pillow Fight. It looks amazing!

Pillow Fight Day 2011 NYC from Mark on Vimeo.

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Photo courtesy of The Guardian


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