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Rocky Horror Picture Show is playing tonight, Friday, April 6th at midnight at the Tivoli Theatre in U City…and I’m going to see it!

I’m crossing 2 things off my bucket list this weekend:

1. Participating in a Flip Cup Tournament (it’s not a real tournament with money, but it’s as close as I’m going to get)

2. Seeing a midnight movie

I always hear about these movies that have opening nights at midnight or these crazy Harry Potter midnight shows, and I never thought I’d actually be attending one, but hey, I’m turning 29, it’s time to live on the edge! haha! So I’m going to see it at the Tivoli tonight at midnight. And what better place than the Tivoli, where you can enjoy an adult beverage and a nice, cozy chair.

Rocky Horror Picture Show is the first in the Tivoli’s Midnight Series Line-up, which will include other movies like Spaceballs, Battle Royale and Monty Python, to name a few. Tickets are $8 for all movies except RHPS, which is $10. In addition to the movies, there will be fun trivia and cool giveaways. They go through the end of May so check out the selection…and don’t worry, if you’re one of Rocky Horror Picture Show’s diehard fans but you can’t make it to this show, they’re playing it again in May.

And if you ARE going, it’s common practice to dress up Rocky Horror style so if you’re really living on the edge (which I am not), get out your fishnets and red lipstick and join in the show!


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