Confessions of a Pinterest Drama Queen

2172 days ago.

There are times throughout the day and even in the middle of the night when I find myself wondering if there is anything new on Pinterest. For example, last night my husband was watching the news and looked over at me to find that I was pinning like crazy on Pinterest. His remark was “Really? Oh great, I guess there are going to be more half done projects around the house.” My response to him was that my plan was to finish them up this weekend so I can start some more.

But my problem is which one to start with, as there are so many great ideas: designing glitter wine glasses, making tutus or homemade baby wipes, once a month cooking, re-decorating the bedroom, etc… I decided to begin with making my daughter a tutu. That’s a simple project that wouldn’t take too long and I could start right away since I already had all the things I would need. So I began cutting and placing the tulle where it belonged on the ribbon. Then all of a sudden I realized I do not have enough tulle. Well I guess that adds something else to my half done projects.

Several of my friends have also commented that they are running into the same problem since I introduced them to Pinterest. I feel partially responsible for excess crafting supplies in both my friends’ houses and my own so I decided to set up a Pinterest party night. This is going to be a girls only night with margaritas and making lots of brilliant things. Hopefully this will help eliminate the half done projects for both me and my friends.

How’s Pinterest working for you? How many half completed projects do you have lingering around?

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Ariene is a Texas-raised country girl turned St. Louis city girl that loves to knit, cook, bake, do crafts, anything Martha Stewart like, and addicted to Pinterest. She is also a proud mom that often pretends she has her own cooking show.

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5 thoughts on “Confessions of a Pinterest Drama Queen”

  1. That’s such a cute pic! I haven’t quite gotten into Pinterest yet. I’m not really an arts and crafts type of person so maybe that’s why. However, my goodness has Pinterest put tutus back in style. Everyone is making tutus these days! I didn’t even know what tulle was until I started hearing about all the tutus being made because of Pinterest.

  2. I have started using it to remind myself of all the cute baby stuff I see around the web so I can go back to it later.  I am super forgetful so it helps me…spend more money really.  So maybe not so helpful 🙂

  3. I love P’trest for three reasons (personal use side) 

    1. I am a very visual person and pics get me every time. 
    2. I can really dig into the nature of the people that take the time to pin things they really care about. It creates a way to understand them on a deeper level. 
    3. I love the ideas that it gives me for re-landscaping my backyard. 🙂 

  4. As someone who likes to cook, I love the recipes! I tried two of them this weekend, and at least one of the two will be on the “frequent use list.”   The peanut butter and chocolate cakes are wonderful!

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