How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse.

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By no means am I part of the clique who believes zombies will soon overrun the face of the Earth when there’s no room left in hell, blah blah blah, but after watching the TMC series The Walking Dead my opinion is slowly changing.


One day my brother and I were having a friendly conversation about the show when he posed the question, “What if something like that did happen?  How would you prepare yourself? Would you be a leader or a follower?”

….I rubbed my chin and decided this would make a perfect “guts” blog entry….no pun intended.


First Things First: Become Devoid of All Human Emotion.

Because face it: your neighbors aren’t your neighbors anymore.  Your best friend isn’t your best friend.  There will be no more going out for Starbucks, sushi, and cocktails.  They have a different appetite now…and it’s your arm.


Assess your surroundings.

Where do you live? I can tell you now; if you live downtown you are screwed.  Heavily populated areas = more zombies.  Get in your car and drive away.  Far, far away.  And if you’re unable to get away, find safe haven at Costco, Wal-Mart, or Sam’s Club…and good luck.



You will need a few things. Axes, rope, a machete, nails, and a nail gun (if you want to get creative.)  Or if you want to take the easy route….firearms.  They are the most popular zombie-slaying weapon.  But keep these things in mind: Double barreled shotguns may look cool, but they are not your friend.  They only shoot twice, and that will do you no bueno.  Rifles are also cool if you are a skilled marksman, but they really won’t help in the initial onslaught.  My recommendation: a handgun.  They have absolutely no stopping power and if it runs out of bullets you can always use it as a blunt object to ward away the undead.  And follow the George Romero strategy: one shot to the head will do.



For obvious reasons, get plenty of bottled water.  Grab a ton of canned foods, preferably fruits, beans, and veggies.  Stay away from high fructose and sugary candy.  Sure, they will give you plenty of energy, but when you crash you will be left wide open for a nasty zombie attack.  Think smart; stay alive.



According to every single zombie movie I’ve seen, the first thing people do is hole themselves up in a huge house, board up the windows, and barricade the doors.  This is a good and a bad idea.  If you seal yourself completely off, you will be cozy and comfortable, but the zombies will surround the compound and you will be unable to escape.  And if the zombies don’t get you, insanity or starvation will.  Always have an exit plan.


Team or no team.

It would suck to fight the zombie apocalypse solo.  You may or may not run into fellow survivors, but in case you do, be extremely leery. (see Tip #1) Remember:  there were convicted felons and hardened criminals already roaming the streets long before the zombie outbreak and they may want to steal your supplies, or even worse…kill you.  So use your head and choose your team wisely.  Admit only those with a skill, make sure they have nerves of steel, and most importantly: check for infection.

Congratulations! You now have all of the necessary tools to survive a zombie apocalypse.  I’m sure I left some things out, but hey, it’s all common sense.  Which leads me to the original question: would you be a leader or a follower?  Take the quiz below and find out!  (and be honest.)  I posted my score below.

Take the quiz here:

My score: 87% (personally I think I should’ve gotten a perfect score, but those are the breaks.)

…what was your score?  And also, have you seen The Walking Dead series?  If so, what are your opinions about the show?

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