To Adopt or Not to Adopt?

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There are around 140 million orphans worldwide.

I am all for people having their own biological children, as I am grateful that my parents had me and my sisters. I am equally grateful that 6 of the most awesome people ever entered my life.

So are their cons to adopting? Um…yep. It’s not all ease and comfort. Anyone who adopts knows that it comes with a ton of sacrifice. It’s difficult on parents because if the child is not a baby, he or she has memories before you, which probably are not all great. And even if the child comes into your arms as a baby, there are physical and personality traits that may not match yours.  Then if you already have kids, you have the balance of making sure your biological kids are adjusting to the new additions. Not to mention, there will be extra costs. Wow…sounds like quite the hassle, huh?

But…TOTALLY worth it. The adoption of my brothers was not always the easiest thing, and there have been tears shed in past years over the struggle. Now I see how it taught me so much about life and giving. Adoption can teach your biological children that it’s good to care for those who can not help themselves. Adoption is claiming someone who didn’t really belong to you. You see that someone is lost and without, so you bring them in.You invite them into your home, your memories, and your heart.

So to adopt or not to adopt? to adopt

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