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Have you looked at the detailed charges on your electric bill lately?  I normally don’t pay attention to all the “extra” charges like the energy efficiency program charge, municipality charge, etc.  I just pay my bill every month so my power doesn’t get shut off.

Well, this month, I paid attention to the charges and one of them caught my eye.  It’s the fuel adjustment charge.  I wanted to know more about this charge and why we are all being charged this fee each month.  I spoke to a manager at Ameren Missouri and she stated this charge has been on our bill each month starting in October of 2009.  It used to be called the “Rider FAC charge”.  I remember seeing this verbage before and assumed it was some sort of tax.  She stated it is not a tax and the Missouri Public Service Commission (they govern the utility companies) made them change the verbage August 1st of this year to reflect what it really was…a fuel adjustment charge.

I then asked why do I not see a credit versus a charge each month just as the fuel prices fluctuate.  She stated it is not the fuel gasoline; it is based on coal prices and the transportation cost of getting the coal to the power plants.  I don’t know about you, but I believe this is a bogus charge!  Not only are we taxed on everything we purchase, use, etc., but now we have to pay a fuel surcharge?!  This does not sit well with me.  Does anyone else feel the same way?!

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