"Pawn Stars" just makes me sad.

Melissa Jensen
3256 days ago.

A new crop of reality shows has been rising in popularity over the past few years, the first one I heard about was “Pawn Stars,” the my son starting watching “American Pickers.”  I can see the lure of watching shows like this, you start to think about your useless junk as treasure, you start wanting to explore your attic and basement (more likely your parent’s basement and attic).  “What do I have that is going to blow my mind with is fantastical value.”

Call me a cynic (everyone else does) but I think about the average person who walks into a pawn shop and there is no excitement there.  They can’t pay their bills and are parting with some piece of family treasure that can never be replaced.  I just can’t get behind the idea of this as entertainment.

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Melissa Jensen

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