A Thin Line Between Swaggerjacking And Paying Homage

4625 days ago.

Swaggerjacking: To steal; to copy; to use as one’s own; to imitate.”

(Taken from “The Urban Dictionary.”)    

As of recent, I have no shame in admitting that I am completely and utterly disgusted with the state of music. (see “My Open Letter To The Mass Murderers Of Real Music)  Not only because the quality of it has done a complete landslide, but also because of the lack of originality that seems to be shockingly acceptable in this day and age.

Growing up as a child in the golden era of music, I witnessed the birth of music video, (you know…when MTV actually showed music videos.) virtual pop and R&B symphonies composed with nothing but synthesizers and electronic drum machines, and unique creativity practically flowed from every artist that hit the scene.  Now whenever I happen to catch a music video it’s like I’m watching a bad watered down imitation of what I’ve already seen 20 years ago.

Think I’m just hating?  Well I have a little proof for you.  Case in point:


Christina Aguilera – Not Myself Tonight
This video is totally reminiscent of Madonna’s “Express Yourself.”  From the double breasted black power suit right down to the Metropolis-style factory scene.


Lady GaGa – Judas
Janet Jackson’s “Escapade” without the sacrilegious frolic.


Beyonce – Crazy In Love
Ever heard of Karyn White? Check out the fire hydrant scene in her “The Way I Feel About You” video and compare them.


Cassie – Long Way To Go
Janet Jackson’s “Doesn’t Really Matter.”  Look familiar?


Rihanna – S&M
The theme for her music video heavily borrowed David LaChappelle’s neon plastic coated risqué photo shoot from the early 2000’s.

Update: Due to Rihanna’s lack of creativity and shameful display of thievery, she is currently in litigation. 


Monster Magnet – Space Lord
Puff Daddy
This really wouldn’t qualify as a swaggerjack, but the video is hilarious.  Monster Magnet took Puff Daddy and Ma$e’s “Mo Money, Mo Problems” music video and ran away with it….and even took their shiny suits with them.  Pure comedy.


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