4479 days ago.


Shopping for swimsuits is so hard for me. It is not because of feeling insecure in a bikini, it’s because I cannot find anything that does not look like I am wearing a bra and underwear. I would never allow a host full of men to see me in my bra and underwear, so why would I allow a few dozen men on the beach to see me in something almost as bad.

Then if you don’t want to show your body off, you have to look for something made for an old lady or a heavy set woman. I am a young girl who is not huge, and I just want to find a swimsuit that I still feel cute in but also covered.

I think that modesty is mostly forgotten nowadays. Every once in a while I see some cute clothes (or even swimsuits) that are modest. It does not happen often enough.

Modesty allows a girl to keep her dignity and show self respect. Modesty helps you maintain a sense of mystery that every woman should have.

What do you think? Is modesty really that important?

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