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I’m not a food connoisseur. In fact, I love McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and every other fast food restaurant, along with your typical chain restaurants like Applebee’s and O’Charley’s. I also love the “there goes the budget” restaurants like Tony’s and some of the unique food items such as oysters, squid, and fried chicken gizzards. Generally speaking, I can find something at every restaurant that I think is delicious and becomes the reason I go back to that restaurant again and again.

And last night I went to the 1860 Saloon and Hardshell Cafe in Soulard for that specific reason. I found heaven…haha…or something like it. I fell in love with their creamy seafood pasta the first time I ate there and last night I was able to indulge in this heavenly treat again. I’m always nervous that it’s not going to be as delicious as I remember it being, but surprisingly, it tastes better every time and last night was no exception.

The penne noodles were cooked perfectly, the alfredo sauce was as creamy and flavorful as ever (As gross as this may sound, I swear they make it with caffeine or nicotine because it’s seriously addicting and I’m not a fan of alfredo sauce, so it has to be seriously good to win me over). The shrimp, crab, and broccoli were even more plentiful than I remember. Honestly there was enough to have shrimp, broccoli AND crab in every bite, and the amazing Bosco stick was as warm and cheesy as ever. Mmmm!

Other good reviews: Two of my friends ordered the 1860s Steak Sandwich and gave it good reviews.

Bad reviews: Two people that I have gone with have tried the Cajun sampler and have given it bad reviews saying it’s too salty and not spicy enough. Also the homemade chips are pretty bland.

Atmosphere: It’s different every time I go. I love the dining room. It’s festive and low key. I love the huge fish aquarium, the gigantic jester statue, and the feeling of being outdoors while still indoors. The waitresses are hit and miss and so is the music, but as long as my pasta is delicious, I’ll listen to Gwar and get the food from the kitchen myself. (If you don’t know who Gwar is, I don’t recommend googling them. Some things are better left unknown).

*Footnote: As I said, I’m no connoisseur so if you try the heavenly creamy seafood pasta and don’t like it, don’t come to me asking for your money back, I’ll just tell you your tastebuds are crazy!

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