Missouri students can no longer be "friends" with teachers

Melissa Jensen
2914 days ago.

Effective August 28th things are changing for Missouri teachers.  A new law takes effect that prohibits teachers from having “exclusive access” to students on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace.  It is up to each district to come up with a written policy further defining what this means.

As I sat around the dinner table with my family of educators, many sides of the issue came up.  I understand that this law is in response to teachers’ sexual misconduct with students, but I really don’t see how that is Facebook or Twitter’s fault.  One point was brought up that text messages or Tweets can be taken out of context. On the flip side many teachers have said that students share information that they otherwise wouldn’t, and that has allowed the teacher to get help for the student.  My dad brought up the point that students forget that they are “friends” with teachers and post information that can help the administration.

Are we blaming technology for creating criminals or are increased opportunities for crossing the line tempting people who would otherwise fly straight?

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