Ride a Bike

4468 days ago.

victoria-blog A few years ago, my friend planned a bike ride for a large group of my friends. The idea of this sounded great, only problem was hardly any of us owned a bike. We pulled our resources together which meant some old beach cruisers from someone’s parents, two very small bikes from my little brothers, a couple normal bikes that got passed around, and other misfitted bikes. The trail ended up being around 15 miles, if I remember right. Which might not seem like a long time, but on bikes that don’t fit your body, can be a very long time. It was definitely a great time, with a lot of laughs, but I think we were all definitely happy to be done at the end. We ate  a huge meal at a nearby seafood restaurant and had someone pick us up so we did not have to bike back.

Although that is my last memory of riding a bike, and before that I was a child, I really want to ride a bike again. I am thinking about buying a bike this year just to have in case I want to bike around town. I think Carbondale is a perfect town to ride a bike in – it is definitely not a car-only city. I really want an old fashioned bike with the little basket in front. 🙂


Any favorite bike trails I should try?

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