Not a Pet Person

4614 days ago.


I was screaming…running down the stairs…and flung open the door to my parents room.

My bird was dead…”precious” was dead. Why? It was not the air current in my room that was too strong, as I was told, it was because I killed her. I had received rasberry body splash as a gift. I knew that my bird did not smell heavenly enough so I would spray it in her cage. I am positive that poor little precious chocked to death on dreams of rasberries. This was only the beginning…

My family owned lots of dogs through out my childhood…none of them worked out too well. Whether it was a dog that would not stop jumping the fence and running away. Or the dog we did not have very long who died of cancer. Our last dog, Belle, was a great fit until she kind of took a back seat to our fast lives. We gave her to our realtor. We also had two cats at separate times. One cat ran away to our neighbors house and they agreed it was the better fit for her. The other cat…let’s just say that she went crazy.

About a year and half ago…I got an adorable mini bunny named Lola. I had all these great plans  training her to use a litter box and walking her on a little leash. I thought about even dressing her up then quickly let that ridiculous thought go. Lola and I bonded for about three days until I could not stop sneezing and coughing. I was allergic to her. Three of my guy friends took her in, reassuring me of their “love” for her, and I am pretty sure she is dead now.

My next idea was getting a pet frog. I even went as far as to going inside the pet store and holding one. Through research I found out that you will basically kill the frog if you hold it too much. If I had an adorable little tree frog…I would hold it all the time. That may end in death for it.


Pet person? I am guessing not.

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