Apartment Must-Haves

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Two apartment must-haves: dishwasher and parking

Those were my two must-haves going in to renting an apartment…and sadly, I came out with neither 🙁 Floors I got swept away by the hardwood floors, the super high ceilings, and the great location. Well guess what, those hardwood floors are freezing in the Winter, those super high ceilings just cause my electricity bill to be higher, and the location is overshadowed by the fact that I can never find parking due to being in that great location. People come from their homes in other locations(probably where they have parking) to attend events in the park, dine at the nearby restaurants, and party at the local bars, and they take up all the available street parking.

It would be much nicer to have a place to park my car when I come home after an exhausting day at work and not have to circle the block for 10 minutes and park 1/2 mile from my apartment. And there are plenty of methods of transportation around the city to get to those popular hotpsots(cabs, metrolink, buses) that it’s not necessary to live in the center of them.

So in conclusion, go with your gut. When you’re searching for an apartment and you have an idea what you want or need, don’t get swept up by something completely irrelevant like a chandelier-style light fixture or lured in by some special offering a free tv…cuz I’m pretty sure that tv’s not going to wash those dishes piling up in the sink…ya know what I’m sayin?

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