Ladies Night at the Theatre

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Have you been to the playhouse lately? They have some neat productions going on right now at The Repertory. These plays seem pretty fun for a ladies night (hence the title…) but you guys might enjoy them too.


In the Next Room is a play based on true history. In the Victorian era, ‘hysteria’ was a diagnosis to many women that could be treated by ‘pelvic massage.’ (Thank you, wikipedia for the information.)

This play may seem naughty but you have to admit, it is interesting. Things that were considered medical back in the day are now considered ridiculous. (Just click on that wikipedia link for more information.) This play runs from March 9th to March 27th.


If you are looking for less of a scandal, you might want to go see Beehive The 60’s Musical. It runs from March 16th to April 10th. 

This looks like a really cute production that will be sure to have great music.

Some of the most popular women artists will be paid tribute to in this play: Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, the Supremes, the Shirelles and more. It sounds like a great time. I grew up on oldies so I could listen to that stuff all day!

The tickets are $25 a seat but well worth it from what I can tell. (You’d spend $50 on a dinner for two wouldn’t you?)

Theatre information:
130 Edgar Road
St. Louis, MO 63119
Box Office/Tickets: (314) 968-4925

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