Skating like a Kid Again

3403 days ago.


Remember the days of grade school trips to the skating rink? The slow song comes on…you find that person you have a “crush” on and slow skate together. Well to be honest…I never really participated in that part of the skating trip. But…skating around with friends was SO much fun.

I have been skating recently with friends and I truly felt like I was a little kid again. I couldn’t stop. Even when some of my friends would sit down, whenever a song came on that I liked, I would immediately get back on the skate floor.

Seeing the “cool kids” skate backwards and dance while skating totally inspires me. I tried skating backwards (something I was too scared to do as a child) and it didn’t work out too well. Dancing while skating is a little easier, but I almost loose my balance every time. For now… I should just stick to traditional skating and not falling. Also I don’t use the break on the skates, I just run into the wall pretty much at full speed. It’s OK…it works for me.

You can go to Hot Wheels Skatium in Carbondale and skate for $7 dollars. It is really clean, for a skating rink, and is definitely very colorful.

Kick it back old school and go skating again with some friends or even your “crush”.

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