Socks for all!!!

Melissa Jensen
3469 days ago.

First and foremost, I’d like openly state that I hate shopping for anything in person, I am an online shopper all the way.  With the entrance of Zappos one day free shipping, and their simply amazing return policies, I rarely see any need to set foot into an actual store.  So this post is really stressing the therapy part of Retail Therapy.  For full disclosure I must also state that if it were up to me I would wear a new pair of socks every single day.

My sister-in-law sent out her list of Christmas items she wanted and there lie the seed to my brilliant plan for Christmas shopping.  Smartwool socks for nearly everyone on my list.  I swear by these socks, luxurious Merino Wool. Oh, I wish I could feel them on my feet as I type.  Funky knee socks for sister-in-law number one, pretty flowered ones for sister-in-law two, funky owl ones for my best friend, cozy thick ones for my mom that can double as slippers, hiking ones with arch support for the fiance with flat feet and low cut thin ones in plain colors for my amazing sister.  Wow, nearly half my list is done and I’m sure there are more on there who would appreciate these amazing socks.  I know I wouldn’t mind if Santa left a pair or two for me.

Two amazing places in West County for those who like to feel and see what they are buying, the only store I could spend hours in, The Alpine Shop in Kirkwood or Chesterfield, or REI on Brentwood Blvd.

Melissa Jensen

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