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4372 days ago.

Have you ever helped out a total stranger?

I was recently at a QT to get an iced tea (big surprise for those of you that know me) when I saw the Growth elderly man in front of me having trouble coming up with 89 cents for a cup of coffee.  The clerk kept looking at the man like he had some sort of disease, just because he couldn’t come up with the money!

I politely asked the man if he would let me buy his coffee.  He was a little surprised by the offer, but allowed it.  He explained to me that his social security benefits didn’t arrive for another 3 days and he thought he had enough for that cup of coffee.  I wished him a happy holiday season, paid for my iced tea and his coffee and off I went.

I was in that same QT several days later and ran in to that man again.  I was getting my iced tea (again, big surprise) and he came up to me and asked if he could buy it for me.  I obliged him and off we went.

Wouldn’t it be nice, just to be nice?!  The next time you’re in line at Starbucks, a fast food restaraunt, anywhere, offer to pick up the tab for the person behind you.  Who knows…you may start a chain reaction of random kindness!


Lisa actively supports Stray Rescue of St. Louis and anything related to animal rescue. She would like to travel to Germany one day to research her ancestors that came to America during World War 2.

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