Eating Healthy part 3 – Busy life = fast meals

3272 days ago.

We live in a busy world—you may be driving, talking on the phone, thinking about work and changing the radio station all at the same time. Who has time to make meals from scratch anymore?

Hamburger Helper is ok when you’re in a hurry. I know a lot of people don’t care for Hamburger Helper because it’s not “homemade.” Well let me tell you fellow busy folks—it’s an amazing meal if you add some veggies and spices to it. I usually add onion, frozen veggies (different depending on the Helper) and spices. Own the Helper. Make it yours. If you’re scared your experiment will blow up the kitchen, the back of the box usually has some helpful tips.

Although Hamburger Helper is not the best choice, it is much better than eating out. Every week or two a grocery store will have it on sale for $1/box—I always stock up. When you compare its nutrition to a burger and fries there is no question as to which one you should eat.

You must own a food processor. Out of every appliance you have that you don’t use, this is the one you should keep handy. I’m going to cross my fingers in hopes that my husband is not reading this and tell you my deep dark cooking secret. I process frozen veggies and throw them into everything I can. It’s an easy way to add more nutrients to your diet and you can’t even taste them if you do it right.

For those of you who are not familiar with a food processor, this neat little machine takes a food item, veggies in this case, and chops it into tiny pieces that you can barely see. I add these tiny pieces to soups, Hamburger Helper, spaghetti sauce and anything saucy enough to conceal the extra veggies.

Next time you’re considering eating out or staying in, get creative and don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s all about trial and error.


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