Here’s Some Snow, St. Louis!

Mary Korte
3022 days ago.

I know it’s winter because it’s gotten a little cold and I know that it’s January because the calendar says so. However, when I look outside, there really seems to be something missing. Yes folks, that’s right, I am talking about snow!!!!

Here's some snow, St. Louis!

Ok, stop hissing and booing, wringing your hands and gnashing your teeth, all worried that I might just have jinxed us. Well, I checked the 10-day outlook and we are still clear of anything substantial.

So, if you are missing snow like I am, I thought I would provide you with some warm memories of the fun that snow can be. Get your cup of hot chocolate, your nice toasty blankie and enjoy some reminders of winter’s past and some glorious snow.

The penguins playing in the snow at the zoo


The gorgeous Wash U campus


The Arch and Jefferson Memorial by Dan Robinson


Even though it wasn’t shot in STL, the Clydesdales are still ours! Thanks AB!


Snowboarding at Hidden Valley by John Collier


Compliments of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, some good old Art Hill Sledding


Are you nice and chilly now?  On second thought, maybe I like snow best like this, in other people’s videos.  Happy winter!

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