My Very Own “Craft Cave”

Wendy H
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I was thinking about the concept “Man Cave.” I’ve seen basements, garages, lofts, spare bedrooms, and/or media rooms converted to Man Caves. Typically a Man Cave is a masculine space designated for a man to step away from life to do “guy things.”

What area is designated to do “girl things?” I have never heard of a Woman Cave.  Have you? Don’t women want to step away from the madness and feel free to do whatever they want?  I can’t speak for all women, but I personally would love a designated area to watch movies all day, drink wine, eat desserts, work on craft projects, and have girly parties incorporating wine, crafts, movies, games, and holiday fun!

So…I thought why not create a space for this?

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I decided to convert my basement into my very own “Craft Cave.” It’s not really a place to escape and have time alone, but a designated area to work on projects and not feel like I have to clean up immediately. I hate starting projects on my kitchen or coffee table, only because I hate leaving those rooms a complete mess.  I’m sure many of you can relate.  So now I have a craft table in my basement aka “Craft Cave” where I don’t have to clean up my mess right away.  The best thing about it is that I won’t see pending projects when I wake up in the morning, or when I walk in my front door!  I can leave projects drying on the basement table, and I can leave out unfinished projects to work on the next day.  It doesn’t interrupt my daily routine upstairs; I can eat in the kitchen and my living room is left untouched.

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I’m very excited about my new “Craft Cave” concept. This space is not only designated for my personal projects, but also a place where I can host Wine and Craft Nights for my friends and I.  I used to have wine and craft nights at my apartment (in the kitchen), but I am thrilled to host parties in my new space. When I am not working on crafts, it is a perfect area to veg out, watch TV, work-out, and entertain family and friends for the holidays!

Everyone deserves to have their own space, no matter what it’s for.   So what area are you going to convert in your home?

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Wendy H

Wendy was born and raised in St. Louis, has ventured out and lived in the only two “T” States, Tennessee and Texas! She recently found her way back to the Lou! She has a bubbly personality and positive outlook on life. Crazy cat lady, loves to volunteer, and is obsessed with decorating her house (and others). She has recently converted her basement into a “CRAFT CAVE.” What will be her next project?

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