Weekend Movie Guide: Goosebumps, Bridge of Spies

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Goosebumps, Crimson Peak and Bridge of Spies are among the movies opening in theaters this weekend around St. Louis. See Crimson Peak starting tomorrow at MX Movies in downtown St. Louis.

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Recapping Last Weekend

The Martian easily won the weekend box office crown in its second weekend of release with $37 million. Hotel Transylvania 2 was strong in its third weekend with $20.4 million while Pan flopped with $15.3 million in its debut to round out the top three.

The Intern brought in $8.7 million in its third weekend of release and is now just shy of $50 million in three weeks of release. I saw the film last week and definitely recommend.

Sicario is just shy of its $30 million budget after its fourth weekend, where it had $7.6 million in receipts.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials has now passed its $60 million budget. The second film in the trilogy has brought in $70.8 million during its four weeks in theaters.

After an exclusive IMAX opening, The Walk debuted in theaters nation-wide to the tune of $3.7 million.



Jack Black stars as author R.L. Stine and voices several other characters in Goosebumps. A.V. Club points out that the film looks little like Stine’s book series, but calls it “sporadically entertaining“. Glenn Whipp of the Los Angeles Times praises the way this film brings Stine’s books to the screen and calls it a “screaming good time”.

Todd M. Thatcher predicts a $19.2 million opening for Goosebumps.

Crimson Peak

Lawrence Toppman of the Charlotte Observer uses his review of Crimson Peak to blast the screenplay written by Guillermo Del Toro and Matthew Robbins. Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune calls it “haunting but hollow“.

Crimson Peak focuses on the love story between characters played by Mia Wasikowska and Tom Hiddleston, or rather the “inverted love story” as Hiddleston called it. Jessica Chastain also stars in the film. USA TODAY called her “beautifully bad” in the film.

Tood M. Thatcher predicts a $15.8 million opening weekend for Crimson Peak.

Bridge of Spies

Tom Hanks stars as James B. Donovan in Bridge of Spies. Donovan is a Cold War-era lawyer tasked by the government to defend a suspected Russian spy. He’s then asked to negotiate the release of U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers. Bridge of Spies is based on a true story. You can read Donovan’s own account of the events in Strangers on a Bridge. Mental Floss has a look at what happened to Gary Powers after the events of the Cold War.

Will Leitch of Deadspin says “you’ll never be bored” watching Bridge of Spies. That’s not to say that he thinks it’s the greatest movie ever. He goes a lot more in-depth on the film starring Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg’s body of work as of late. He reasons that Spielberg is making movies for grandparents now rather than kids.

The New York Times praised Hanks’s work in this film and the beauty of the overall film, especially the opening sequence. Fox News took the stance of “What Obama could learn from Hanks and Spielberg“.

Todd M. Thatcher is predicting a $21.2 million opening for Bridge of Spies.

Catch It Before It’s Gone

Keller 8 Cinema in South County welcomes No Escape and 90 Minutes In Heaven this weekend. The religious 90 Minutes didn’t quite catch on with the religious crowds like God’s Not Dead of Heaven Is For Real did. The film failed to make it’s $5 million budget back at the theaters, totaling $4.77 million since its September 11 release.

Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan sat in No Escape, which has made $27 million in theaters since its late-August debut. It’s one you’re better off catching in theaters while it’s still there.

Make It A Redbox Night

Redbox welcomes Furious 7 and Tomorrowland this weekend.  While Tomorrowland grossed $208 million worldwide during its theater run, Disney’s asinine spending on it caused them to lose $100 million on the film. I saw the film in theaters and enjoyed it. It’s definitely worth your $1.20 or whatever.

Also worth your money to rent at Redbox this weekend is Furious 7. The film was of course incredibly successful at the box office. So much so that it is currently sitting as the 5th Highest-Grossing Movie Worldwide ever. The whole story of Paul Walker’s death and how the film was finished is reason enough to watch the movie, but the ending scene really makes it a must-see.


Want to see this week’s movie news? We’ve spun it off into its own post. Is Helen Mirren joining the Fast & Furious franchise? King Kong and Godzilla in a new cinematic universe? Check it out.

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