Weekend Movie Guide: Pan, The Walk

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Pan and The Walk are among the movies opening in theaters this weekend around St. Louis.

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Pan and The Walk open in movie theaters around St. Louis this weekend.

Recapping Last Weekend

The Martian opened in wide release with just shy of $55 million to easily win the weekend box office crown. Hotel Transylvania 2 followed a $48.5 million opening with $33 million in its second weekend of release. Sicario moved into 2,561 more theaters last weekend and earned $12 million to round out the top three.  The Intern earned $11.7 million in its second weekend of release  while Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials earned $7.8 million to round out the top five.



Director Joe Wright’s Pan is supposed to be a prequel to the classic J.M. Barrie story of Peter Pan. Steve Parsail of the Tampa Bay Times calls it “another pointless branch of the Neverland family“. Other critics have not been fond of the fim either, but you can bet they are quite happy with themselves about the headlines on their stories. “Pan Doesn’t Fly” says Tony Hicks. “Pan quickly peters out” writes Lawrence Toppman. Mick LaSalle didn’t try to be clever with his headline and instead went with “Pan is a joyless, fundamentally idiotic washout“.

Pan has been the subject of Pan is a joyless, fundamentally idiotic washout”.some controversy regarding the casting of Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily. The role has been traditionally played by a Native American actress is productions of the story. Rooney Mara is definitely Caucasian.

Pan is expected to debut somewhere in the low $20 million range this weekend.


The Walk

Disclaimer: The Walk opened in IMAX theaters around the country last weekend. It opens in wide release this weekend. We wrote about the film last week.

Much like The Martian last weekend, The Walk gets an exclusive IMAX release this weekend. Joseph Gordon Levitt stars as Phiippe Petit in this film directed by Robert Zemeckis. Petit was is a French tightrope artist who rose to international fame in August of 1974 when he put a wire between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York and walked across it. Gordon-Levitt prepared for his role in the film by walking a wire, albeit not 110 stories in the air, with Petit. Curious about how the real story compares with the film? Check out this piece from Curbed.

The Atlantic calls The Walka hokey drama with a thrilling climax“. Grantland calls the film “a breathless, exhilarating moviegoing experience“. . . during a 25-minute period.

Be prepared if you go see The Walk this weekend. There were reports in New York of people experiencing vertigo while watching the climax of the film and doing not-nice things to movie restrooms.

The Walk trailer

Catch It Before It’s Gone

Keller 8 Cinema in South County welcomes some of the top Summer films this weekend. Arriving at the second-run theater are Trainwreck, Jurassic World, Sinister 2 and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck is an excellent film and if you’re taking a group of friends out our your significant other, go see this one. If you’re looking for a movie that you should really see in theaters rather than at home, go for Jurassic World or Mission: Impossible

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation trailer

Make It A Redbox Night

Redbox welcomes Avengers: Age Of Ultroto its magical red boxes this weekend.

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