Medina Mediterranean Grill On Washington Ave

Melissa Jensen
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Sometimes the stars align; I’m having one of those weeks.

Of all the things to discover you love while visiting Little Rock, I discovered that I love falafel. Not just a little, but devoted, will seek out LOVE. I’m married to a vegan so you would think I would have discovered this before now, but he’s insane and thinks it is just OK.

There has been a “Coming Soon” sign in the window of a restaurant two blocks from my office for months. I gave no thought to it but this morning when the “Now Open” sign caught my eye, I realized with irrational excitement that what had just opened was a Mediterranean Grill two blocks from my office! “Holy crap,” my inner voice said, “Today will be a good day. Today you will eat falafel.”

As I type this my mouth is full of falafel with delicious tahini and pickled radishes, and it is Yummy!! It is from Medina on Washington Ave. They are right at the corner of 14th and Washington, just a stone’s throw from the City Museum.

I ordered the classic falafel, but they do have other food. They have chicken and beef shawarma served on either pita or French bread depending on the sandwich, and they have a variety of salads. I highly recommend you check them out the next time you are downtown.

Medina Mediterranean Grill
1327 Washington Ave
St. Louis, MO 63103



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