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Mary Korte
3137 days ago.

Recently I had the opportunity to be part of a meeting, a business meeting, where the topic of the meeting was PASSION. Now, I know we just finished Valentine’s Day and 50 Shades of Grey just came out, but that’s not the kind of passion we were talking about. Well, not for most of the meeting anyway. That would have made our HR staff a little crazy! No, what we were talking about is what makes us excited each day professionally. passion

What’s your passion? What lights you up inside? What makes you wake up each day excited to go to work? I guess that’s based on an assumption that people are actually excited to go to work each day. Have you lost your passion?

A term was introduced at this meeting that I had never heard before. Have you become comfortably numb? Comfortably numb, ready to take it day by day, dialing it in so to speak. Lots of times comfortably numb sneaks up on you and takes hold when you don’t even realize it; kind of like the 5 pounds you put on over the winter that you only realize you gained when you try to put on a bathing suit in the summer!

Is there challenge in your day that helps you grow professionally? Everyone needs an opportunity to learn and one of the best ways for a company to make it’s staff feel challenged and supported is to provide learning opportunities. Can’t find them within your organization?  Check your local community college for enrichment seminars, weekend learning opportunities, or take an evening class.

julia child quote Has your passion changed? As life changes, sometimes passions change too. That’s not a bad thing!Julia-Child-620  It’s part of growth. Has your path changed to align with your passion? Julia Childs did not start out her life wanting to be a chef. She found a passion for food while living in France and followed that passion! Bon Appetite!

Can you make a living pursuing your passion? Do you want to? Some people really don’t want to make a living doing the things we are passionate about. Why? Too much pressure takes all of the fun out of the activity. Sometimes the uncertainty of when the next paycheck comes is the biggest factor keeping people from making the move. That is when the passion becomes the hobby!

Do you pursue your passion? If not, make a commitment to yourself to at least make a plan. Stop all the insanity and all of the daily items that interfere with the thought process and commit to yourself. Accept the challenge of finding your passion in 2015!


challenge accepted



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