Pinball and Punk Rock in South City

Melissa Jensen
2825 days ago.

pinball I am horrible at pinball, but I still love it. For a short and glorious time I had a pinball machine in my house. I’m not certain why I sold it, but I did, so it had been awhile when I ventured to The Silver Ballroom on Morgan Ford in South City.

I played as bad as I always do, but it was pretty awesome. The place is small with a bar on one side and the pinball machine room on the other; there was a good crowd when we went (some very serious pinballers), but it wasn’t crowded.  I must say that we were there pretty early on a Saturday night. The music is loud, as it should be coming from an all Punk jukebox…also awesome.

This Sunday they are hosting a charity pinball event, Flip Off Hunger. The entry fee is $10.00 worth of non-perishable holiday food items, and it’s worth full IFPA (International Flipper Pinball Association) points. Yes, I googled that. I only wish I was amazing enough at pinball that I just knew that information. Maybe with a few more trips to this place I will be more than just a button crusher. I will be back for sure…with a bag of quarters.


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