The Plight Of A Pinterest Addict

Michelle Bullock
3034 days ago.

I must admit I am not a creative person. I need visuals for everything. That’s where my love of Pinterest comes from. My husband, on the other hand, says it’s going to be the death of him.

In all actuality, I don’t really know how Pinterest works. All I know is that I can enter the word arm knitting and pictures, tutorials, You Tube videos, and more, all magically appear. These all help feed my addiction and after a quick trip to Michael’s and $80 later I have easily created scarves for my daughter, all my sisters, sister-in-law, and myself. Bam! Just like that, right?


This is where “the death of me” part comes in. After hours of frustration, cursing, giving up, and then understanding that being left-handed means I am going to have to learn it backwards, I finally got it. My husband, however, got the brunt of my anger. But in my defense, he was the one laughing at me during my frustration. photo 12 photo13

That was just the beginning of my addiction with DIY and Pinterest projects. Since then I have attempted to create fabulous and some not so fabulous masterpieces. My husband started going gray faster when I was introduced to Fondant Icing. I must say I have been fortunate enough to be relatively good at copy-catting…or my family and friends are the sweetest and lie to me when I introduce them to my latest creations.


This DIY culture has everyone jumping on the bandwagon. There are many television programs showing you that you can remodel your whole house for just $500. And did you know that Vanilla Ice has two remodeling shows? Yes, I said Vanilla Ice. This season on DIY Network, Vanilla Ice is going Amish. Seriously?! Along with him, Jenny Garth, Daryl Hall, and the latest personality to think he can rehab, William Shatner, all have their own shows about their addictions to rehab and do it yourself projects.

My favorite DIY shows and internet sites are the ones that show the reality of rehab, like Renovation Realities. They show the ‘Nailed It’ pictures from people like me who think that the creation they see on Pinterest is going to be easy, but in reality it fails.

I do think that Pinterest has succeeded in making me think that I am a more creative person. The verdict is still out on if I actually am. The bottom line though, is that I love to create things and then stand back and say, “I made that!” It gives me a sense of accomplishment.

For my fellow Pinterest and DIY addicts – Do you have some great masterpieces? Are you one of the creative people who posts those photos on Pinterest that everyone wants to copy-cat? I would love to hear and see some good and bad creations.

P.S. My latest creation attempt is a fall centerpiece that is made with new wood that I will attempt to make “old” by banging it with chains and a bag of nails. I will follow-up with how it turns out and whether or not I still have the love of my husband. Wish me luck!



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