Monday Roundup: Kolten Wong, Snapchat Leak

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The Monday Roundup featuring Kolten Wong, Snapchat leak, Dancing Kevin and plenty more

The Monday Roundup featuring Kolten Wong, Snapchat leak, Dancing Kevin and plenty more

Wong Homer Evens NLCS

Things were looking like they might completely unravel for the St. Louis Cardinals against the San Francisco Giants in Game 2 of the National League Championship Series at Busch Stadium last night. The Cardinals held a 4-3 lead heading into the 9th inning. Trevor Rosenthal again took fans on a roller coaster ride that culminated with a wild pitch on a walk. Mike Duffy crossed the plate to tie the game at 4. Seth Maness was brought in and ended the inning before any other damage was done.

Kolten Wong, making just his 24 career postseason plate appearance, opened the bottom of the ninth looking at the first pitch for a strike.  The second pitch resulted in the ball being deposited 370 feet away in the right-field seats, Wong’s jersey being ripped in half by teammates and an NLCS tied at 1.


Cardinals broadcaster Mike Shannon probably called the home run best.



On a somber note, the St. Louis Superman will not be around the stadium for the rest of the National League Championship Series due to security restrictions that are limiting his income.

200,000 Snapchat Photos Released By Hackers

If you only use the official Snapchat application on your mobile phone, you likely don’t have to worry that your photos were released. The servers that were hacked were likely those of,a third-party site with no official affiliation to Snapchat. The site let people use Snapchat on their computer as well as their phone. It is suspected that the same people who were behind the recent celebrity photo dumb, nicknamed “The Frappening”, were behind this. This leak, dubbed “The Snappening”, also arose from 4chan discussion forum. The site went up last night with 13 gigabytes worth of photos and videos. People who have seen the photos claimed on Reddit that most are not of the nude variety and the nude photos there appear to be of people over 18 years of age. Users who downloaded pictures of any teens under 16 could be in trouble of the child pornography variety. A leak directly from Snapchat servers would have likely crippled the company. With news that they were likely stolen from another company’s servers, Evan Spiegel is still free to buy more $220 sweatshirts.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Takes On Pumpkin Spice  


Gone Girl Again Takes Weekend Box Office

Gone Girl and Ben Affleck’s man parts again topped the weekend box office last weekend. In its second weekend of release, film adaptation of the best-selling book brought in $26.8 million. Made for $61 million, Gone Girl has now brought in $78.3 million domestically and $140.4 million worldwide in just ten days of release. Dracula Untold came in second with a surprising $23.5 million. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day took third with $19 million. The weekend’s other big release, The Judge, fell just shy of estimates with $13.3 million. We’ll have more on the numbers as well as previews of  Fury, The Best of Me and The Book of Life on Thursday in our Weekend Movie Guide.

Aaron Rodgers Fakes Out Everyone

It didn’t win the Green Bay Packers the game by itself, but it did help make the win happen. Aaron Rodgers was supposed to spike the football yesterday against the Miami Dolphins, but he made a last minute decision to do something else and didn’t tell anyone.

“Dancing Kevin” Bears It for Columbus Blue Jackets Opener

The St. Louis Blues have “Towel Man” and in Columbus they have “Dancing Kevin”. Kevin brought along a dancing bear and some Labatt Blue for the Blue Jackets’ home opener. If this video isn’t enough, Deadspin slowed it down for your further enjoyment. Kevin has definitely upped his game from the opener last season. Kevin is a stand-up comedian  seller of fine Columbus Blue Jackets attire who you can and should ‘like’ on Facebook. You can also follow Kevin Schroeder on Twitter.


Texas Nurse Becomes to Contract Ebola in United States

So this whole Ebola thing is really scary. The World Health Organization is calling it the “most severe acute health emergency in modern times”. More than 4,000 people have died in west Africa, the hardest-hit area. Marine Corps General John Kelly recently raised concerns that the United States could see a mass influx of Ebola-infected patients crossing the southern border. Luckily, a man who walked in Boston hospital recently isn’t thought to have infected anyone, but the hospital did have to get a massive scrubbing. Until now, anyone infected with the virus had contracted it while in an infected region of Africa. Now, a Texas nurse who had “”extensive contact” with the man in Dallas who recently died from the virus has become infected. It is said that she wore protective gear whenever she was around the man and followed all safety protocols. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention caught heat for claiming that the nurse was at fault for getting infected. A tweet went out this morning saying that Russia is claiming that they are close to a vaccine. A Canadian vaccine is also set to begin testing.

Party Features Base Jumping Entrance

From this point on, no party is cool unless it features people base-jumping off a 1,099-foot building and ending up in a neighboring building’s rooftop pool.


Harry Styles Pukes All Over Los Angeles Roadside

The One Direction star apparently had too much fun the night before.


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