Big News In St. Louis: Pippa Middleton Waves At KSDK

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Pippa Middleton waves to St. Louis station KSDK
Pippa Middleton waves to St. Louis station KSDK
(Credit: KSDK)


If you happened to be busy with something else yesterday, you missed the biggest story of the day in Missouri, at least according to KSDK.

Pippa Middleton, the sister of Kate Middleton, rode through Missouri yesterday as part of Race Across America. Pippa and her brother, James Middleton are part of an eight-member team biking 3,000 miles from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland. The siblings are on a team with their friend, James Matthews, whose brother died in 1999 while descending Mount Everest. The team hopes to complete the entire journey in eight or nine days with each rider biking a portion of the stretch. As a team, they hope to cover between 350 and 500 miles each day. The team will then head to Istanbul to take part in the Bosphorus Cross-Continental Race where they will swim four miles through Europe and Asia. The team is raising money for the British Heart Foundation and the Michael Matthews Foundation. You can donate here.

Who is Pippa Middleton? Well her sister, Kate, is married to Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. Prince William, one of the late Princess Diana’s two sons, is second in line for the British throne. His father, Charles, is first line to succeed his own mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Pippa has become a celebrity in her own right since her older sister married William.

Pippa frequently graces the pages of magazines like People and Vanity Fair. That being said, the response to her bike ride through Missouri yesterday by local station KSDK was a bit over the top if I do say so myself.

You weren’t following along? Let me chronicle it for you.

First, they were really excited for people to send them in pictures of Pippa riding by. Keep in mind that Ms. Middleton was wearing a helmet and sunglasses, like any good bike rider.



Then word came that Pippa’s team was coming through Washington, Missouri.



They waited patiently



They waited more.










So then KSDK posted a story on their website with the headline “Pippa Middleton waves to KSDK”



Then apparently the powers that be decided that people would tune in at 10 pm to see the video because “OMG SHE WAVED AT US”.  


Then Pippa left Missouri for Illinois, because you know she is riding across the country for charity.

OMG, was that amazing or what? So amazing in fact that even the glorious Pippa Middleton declining an interview couldn’t dampen the excitement.



It’s very unfortunate that Pippa declined the interview. I mean we could have had something that rivaled Julie Tristan’s infamous interview with David Freese, which also aired on KSDK.

Keep in mind, I mean nothing against anyone mentioned in this post. These reporters are just doing their jobs. Everyone gets a little star-struck sometimes. Pippa Middleton is worthy of that. We’re talking about someone who has a full website devoted to her butt. That’s a joke, FYI. Pippa is an awesome lady and does awesome things like doing this bike race and the swim.

KSDK also isn’t the only outlet to cover Pippa Middleton riding a bike for charity. Here’s The Daily MailNBC’s affiliate in San Diego, Perez Hilton, our own St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Riverfront Times and Fox 2 to name a few. KSDK may just be the only one she waved at. They must be her favorite.

The bike that Pippa is riding across America, whoops I mean the bike THE Pippa Middleton waved at KSDK from will be auctioned off later this summer through the British Heart Foundation on eBay.

For the record, other people saw Pippa biking through Missouri and she waved at them too.

“I took the back way home yesterday and came across some bicyclist. I stopped at a stop sign and waved, they smiled and waved back…after a mile down the road…I realized it was Pippa Middleton who I waved at.” – Taken from a friend’s Facebook page


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