Jump On The Fad Bandwagon

Mary Korte
3541 days ago.

bandwagon2 Fads, fads and more fads. Sometimes I am slow to embrace them, sometimes I jump right in, not testing the water first.

On my recent fad trial, I took a more conservative approach, sort of a dip of the toe into the fad pool. I know this particular fad is an old one; it’s all about kale.


I thought to myself “Self, you need to eat a healthier diet.” In my love of Pinterest articles, I decided to dive in and get some ideas. I came away with the great wonder food – kale. Adjectives abounded for the health benefits, versatility, and amazing ways kale could be used. I was completely enamored, totally in awe. I was hooked.

On my next visit to the grocery store, I bought this lovely, large, washed and ready bag of glorious green kale. When I got home, I got all the ingredients out to prepare myself some lovely salads in a mason jar using the kale. I grabbed a chunk out of the bag and took a healthy bite and… mason-jar-salads
salad bar UGGGGHHH! That stuff is gross! No wonder it is used as a GARNISH between the bowls on the salad bar. I feel used, lied to, betrayed! Who can you trust if you can’t trust Pinterest?

Oh, wait, what is this about essential oil therapies? Oil pulling? Hmm. This might be interesting…

What fads made you jump on the bandwagon? What fads did you try that backfired, bombed or blossomed? What old fads do you hope will come back into fashion? Here’s hoping your next fad bandwagon blooms gloriously!


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