10 Reasons To See Miley In St. Louis

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I saw Miley Cyrus on her Bangerz Tour in D.C. on April 10th. From there she went on to perform at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Michigan, her last performance before cancelling the Bangerz Tour due to an allergic reaction to an antibiotic she had taken to treat a sinus infection.

Photo Credit - The Hollywood Reporter
Photo Credit – The Hollywood Reporter
I originally had no intention of sharing my experience at Miley’s concert, but after she cancelled the tour and complaints and gossip started spreading, I realized I am one of the lucky ones who had the opportunity to catch the concert. And since she has now re-scheduled her STL tour date, I want to share the Miley – Bangerz Tour experience to assure everyone who may be having second thoughts about seeing Miley on the new date, that is well worth the wait. And if you don’t have tickets yet, you should find some.

1. The tongue

Come on, when will you ever get to see a 30-foot tongue slide in person again?

2. She loves St. Louis

Ok, that’s a stretch, but she did team up with Nelly for her song “4×4,” which means he could potentially pop in for a visit during her St. Louis show. Hey, it could happen.

3. She’s funny

For example, in DC as she rode around on her flying hot dog, she made sure to give us a quick lesson in sex education before she came back to dominate her encore. “When the wiener goes up, that means it likes you.” Inappropriate-maybe. Funny-definitely!

4. It’s a variety show

She doesn’t take everything so seriously. She clearly loves music judging from the variety in her set and the many collaborations she’s done, from Dolly Parton to Snoop Lion, Nelly, Pharrell, Britney, Robin Thicke…and the list goes on. She enjoys fun. There are fuzzy costumed characters, little people dressed in crazy costumes, cat memes, a 60-ft replica of her dog with scary eyes, and a Jessica Rabbit onesie, and none of it makes sense, but all of it together makes for one awesome show. And you don’t have to be high, drunk, or 16 to enjoy it. In fact, judging from the people I met while I was there, it was just a lot of happy people having fun and enjoying a great show, no drugs necessary.

5. This.








6. She is an amazing performer

Whether the gossip about her not really being sick is true or not, it doesn’t matter. Her concert is awesome! When she’s on that stage, she is working it, twerking it, and giving it everything she’s got, and you will leave feeling nothing but satisfied. Unlike some other concerts I’ve heard complaints about, like Britney and recently B.B. King (although he’s 88 years old so you can’t really be mad about that).

7. The outfits you will see are fun and creative – just like Miley

You can wear what you want and be who you want and you won’t be judged. In fact, you will be praised. That doesn’t mean you have to wear a crop top and booty shorts to fit in. It means you will not be judged at a Miley concert. And it’s one of the many reasons to love her.

8. She IS talented

And not just twerking talent. She can belt it out with the best of them. She can also rap, dance, and put on a great show. You won’t only see her grinding on a car wearing a marijuana onesie rapping to “Love, Money, Party,” you will see her sitting fully clothed on a stool singing beautiful acoustic versions of classics like “Jolene” and “Lonesome When You Go.”

Miley 9. You may end up with better seats than the ones you purchased

If you don’t have floor seats, walk around the lobby areas until the show starts. You may just get stopped by someone who works for The Bangerz Tour and be offered Free Floor Seats, which may put you 15 feet from Miley during her acoustic set. Trust me.

10. It’s not just a concert. It’s a party unlike anything you will ever experience again.

After we got to our original seats, which were a little higher up where people often sit and chair dance, but instead everyone around us was standing and getting their dance on. I made it a point to count how often I found someone sitting – I counted two. It was literally non-stop singing, dancing, and screaming. The next day my voice was hoarse and raspy and I may have sweated off a pound or two, but it was the most entertaining, lively, fun concert I’ve ever been to.

confetti As she ended the show dressed in a blinged out red, white, and blue onesie, cowboy hat and red cowboy boots joined by Bill Clinton, the statue of liberty, Mount Rushmore, and a little liberty bell, dancing “Obama-style,” totally dominating Party in the USA, and filling the stadium with confetti in true party style, my sister swears she yelled out: “Vote For Miley. Miley For President.” I myself did not hear it as I was screaming my head off along with thousands of 15-30 year olds. However, if she did – you win Miley.

The Bangerz Tour – St. Louis stop has been re-scheduled for August 10th. While I’m just kidding about voting for President Miley, I’m not kidding about leaving that show with a new found love for all things Miley.
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