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This weekend sees the opening of three movies that are remakes of films from the 1980s. A man making his English-language debut will try to give RoboCop new life and Winter’s Tale will try to make money with Colin Farrell as its male lead. About Last Night should draw big crowds with Kevin Hart and Endless Love is pretty much a spin-off of Magic Mike.

Recapping Last Weekend


The LEGO Movie dethroned Ride Along to take the spot spot at the box office by a huge margin over another first-week film. LEGO brought in $69 million and The Monuments Men brought in $22 million. Ride Along was third with $9.5 million to push it over the $100 million mark in just 4 weeks. Frozen took the fourth spot with $6.8 million. The Disney film has now brought in $369 million domestically and over $900 million worldwide. It took in $14 million in China last weekend where it opened February 5. Lone Survivor took the fifth spot with $5.6 million. Vampire Academy opened with a dismal $3.9 million. It pulled in only $1,466 per theater. Even Jack Ryan, at only $44 million after four weeks still pulled in $200 more per theater.

Opening This Weekend



The original RoboCop was pretty well received in 1987. It has become quite the cult classic since then. Such a cult classic in fact that RoboCop statue will be unveiled in Detroit later this year. The original finished 16th overall in 1987, ahead of such classics as Adventures In Babysitting, Wall Street, and Spaceballs. Critics are not so high on the remake. The remake’s trailer is below, but here’s the original’s 1987 trailer for funsies.


Winter’s Tale

Colin Farrell hasn’t had the best luck with movies lately. This doesn’t sound like the film to revive his career. Check out this review that describes it as an “epic mess”.


Endless Love  

Alex Pettyfer stars in this remake of the 1981 film by the same name. The original apparently wasn’t very good despite starring Brooke Shields, martin Hewitt, Tom Cruise and James Spader and having a theme song sung by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie. The film sounds good on paper so, watch the trailer and judge for yourself.


About Last Night

Kevin Hart is the man that can do no wrong at the box office right now. While RoboCop is a pretty straight on remake of the 1987 version, this one make a slight tweak to its 1986 original. Rob Lowe and Demi Moore starred in the original whereas this one stars an African-American cast of stars. Also unlike RobocCop, this one is playing excellent with critics. I couldn’t find the original 1986 trailer, but here’s a scene from the movie. The original finished 26th overall at the box office in 1986, which is pretty decent considering that year featured a ridiculous amount of classics.


Catch It Before It’s Gone

If you haven’t been to a movie theater in a couple weeks, you could spend your entire weekend at Keller 8 this weekend seeing excellent films. Normally you would have to worry about running out of cash, but not anymore.


The big-time sequels in the Anchorman, Hunger Games and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs films are all playing as well as Labor Day, Saving Mr. Banks, Dallas Buyer’s Club and more.

Take the opportunity to see Saving Mr. Banks. Hears some people from the film explaining Disney in the 1960’s.


Make It A Redbox Night


Big-budget films Ender’s Game and Riddick are now available from the magical red boxes. You probably shouldn’t be tricked into renting All Is Lost just because of Robert Redford’s name. He is apparently the only character in the film and has very few lines. The reviews are not good. One film getting very high ratings is Grace Unplugged. If you’ve run out of ABC Family and Lifetime movies to watch, rent it.

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